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Rendlesham New 2008 UK ufo Documentary

Guys have posted about the rendlesham forest incident so many times, but its one fo the most important Ufo cases. Nick pope from the Uk's ministry of Defense explains (1st video) why is is so important of a case. Also Below is the new  New 2008 UK Documentary on the famous 1980 incident. Check out previous posts on it to.
Nicke pope - from Uk MOD

pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4
pt 5
pt 6

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Anonymous said...

Admin, re: the link to Rendlesham1980 user - Please let me know me know your email contact address - I can't find a link on the site. The youtube poster.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Not seen this one before.

Lots of new eye witness reports from the locals I was unaware of.


Anonymous said...

Just shows how the forestry commission chap was helping the MOD cover up.thanks to the new information from UFO hunters that the
Light house never shone on the forest only out to sea as there was a large metal plate stopping light coming inland (as told by the ex lighthouse keeper)

Yet in this video the Forrest commissioner says "I myself first thought there were poaches in the forest with torches when i first seen the lighthouse beam of in the woods"

So proving he is a liar.

No wonder he told the press he found nothing but rabbit scrapings,
he was obviously working for the MOD and trying to cover the story up.

Thank you UFO hunters.


Anonymous said...

Bevy, The back plate on the light house stops the light shinning over towards the town, however you can see the back-wash flash in the sky with every rotation. It's quite a sight.

Anonymous said...

I was aware there would still be some sort of back wash light as the beam hits the plate.

But no beam was ever going directly into the woods or bouncing of the farm house or trees.

This is the story they have been selling us for years.

Although I will see it with my own eyes soon when i visit Rendlesham.


Anonymous said...

This documentary was filmed for the opening night BBC 3 in 2003 - it an old documentary

Anonymous said...

it is obvious to me this is an extremely good case col,halt told what relly happened.great man.the mod tried to cover this up as many other organizations in this world

Anonymous said...

it was the lighthouse,it was the meteor. my god what do these people, so called experts think of us.they must think were all fucking really annoys me.the light house is still there,why dont they repicate it and see the results.if that didnt work they would come up with some other maddening pheory.

Entity of Life said...

I just wanted to post from Canada.
I have seen many crafts through my lifetime with the most recent string of close encounters taking place since 2002 to the present day.
I Just feel that I should say something here.. You all know some of the truth so one is blind.
BUT we will have far more grave matters to address in the near future with ET.
I know from my close encounters that we all we be part of "The largest and most important event of mankind's history on Earth."

We have never been alone.

Anonymous said...

I used to live (for 18 years) not far from Rendlesham and in that time witnessed many weird sightings not to mention being followed home twice in the space of one week at 1am by a bright white pulsating object just above tree level...and no it was'nt the light house!!(There is a lot more to this but to much to type just now!) Very strange and has bugged me to this very day....

Anonymous said...

Dr Jonathan Sherwood (who claimed to be a life-long 'contactee' of advanced alien life beings from the Andromeda Galaxy and who passed away completely unexpectedly last November) left this a one of the last cryptic comments on the blog on his website:

UFO coverups

Monday, September 15th, 2008

"How any government can expect the public to be so ignorant as to not notice UFO activity when it happens in front of their faces is beyond me. The USA goverment has been making deals with off world alien contact for decades how else do you think technological advancements can occur so here we are with a new thing about to happen and I sometimes wonder how humanity will accept this one.

“Large UFO craft approaching from deep space size 5,000 kilometers across with massive abundance of smaller craft onboard.”

So hows ya deep space telemetry now folks. Not sure where to look thats easy out towards Pluto.

Keep watching something different is about to happen oh and also UFO activity will increase as this next phase occurs.

Some people will ignore this as rubbish and thats fine thats where they are at but honest folks. The military boffins know its coming and now they wondering how we know!!

By the way for those Rendelsham forest fans there are some markers about to be left in the forest and me for one is off to see. These are no ordinary thing! But then why should they be.

Foxtrot 4 is a good place to start!

Alternative 3 well thats something else! Its grown since then!."

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