Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ufos Over Vernon canada November 2 2008

Gary filmed an interesting Orb Fleet over Canada yesterday. Here's what he had to say At around supper-time today November 2nd, 2008 - Vernon, BC, Canada, I ran to grab my camera to film an amazing rainbow, and when I returned the rainbow was pretty much faided, but the sky was full of white glowing orbs. They remained in formation, for the most part, and drifted off after about 10 minutes:

Once again Credit to Gary for this great Ufo Video. You can check out his youtube channel here Rate this posting:


Gary P (claypaff) said...

Hi Matt,

This is actually my video, but not my link. This person did not ask my permission to upload my video. I would ask if you could, to link my video, since I took it... Besides, mine is much clearer.
Be blessed,

Gary P (claypaff) here is the link:

Gary P (claypaff) said...

P.S. I also have it on my Disclose account if you prefere that one :-)
Gary P (claypaff)

Heres the link:

Anonymous said...

uh lean against a car ,tree anything stable i cracks me up people film like they are unmoveable bad film

Gary P (claypaff) said...

Thanks Matt for switching it up :-)

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