Monday, December 22, 2008

Alien Abductions?

Always a contraversial subject - alien abductions - whats your thoughts on this topic guys?
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Anonymous said...

I suppose no matter what you believe, the grey alien, for whatever it truly represents, is fascinating.

Anonymous said...

i dont care just keep the blonde talking

Anonymous said...

abductions are real - i had marks like the ones in the clip, three points forming a triangle, after a strange 'dream'.

It started by waking up at night, i couldnt move, i saw a shadow and my heart took of hammering. i really tried to move to switch on the light and could not. sometime later i must have fallen asleep, at least there is a blackout. I woke up the next morning with my head stuck to the pillow, my nose had bleeded and the blood, now dry, attached me to the pillow. i had three marks on my upper leg, inwards.

its long gone, i was a child at 13 or so

Nowadays with a consciousness created out of science, confronted with the stupidity of this world, laws made by lobbyism, surpression throught debt and financial weapons of mass destruction, oilpolution of the planet for the better of a few, guaranteed by governments and their institutions, You, i think beeing abducted was much more pleasant, faster ended, better forgotten than actually beeing led behind into the 21st century with all the problems, missunderstandings, disinformational age of global cousciousness through wire, with a underlaying force to know that we are on a way to better understanding our actions as a whole community, based on trust, imagination and abbundance through technology that has been surpressed since 20 years, electrical cars, Moonflights, Food for everyone and a future that is livable without the concerns that our own humankind could destroy our planet through a non!sense of "cousciousness creates possibility-emotion sets likelihood" - but does it anyway

Anonymous said...

She has no tits, so I dont believe anything she says.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, Abductions are NOT real, but if you feel its important to tell everyone that you have been picked outta 5 billion humans to be a special experiment by highly advanced aliens from millions of light years away, then GO FOR IT.
Can you say LOSER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Allies of Humanity website and videos will answer your questions as to what the "Aliens" are doing here. It is not good.

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