Monday, December 15, 2008

fast moving UFO from Peru

Like the stephenville Ufo sighting this fast moving Ufo leaves a trail on the camera:
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J said...

The reason why it leaves a trail is because of a low shutter speed. When it gets too dark the camera compensates by exposing every frame longer. (you can clearly see the low framerate in the beginning) While you shake the camera or an object moves it creates a trail. When you zoom in all the small movements of your hand translates as bigger movements in the frame. That is why the trails get longer when the person zooms in. I'm not saying that it isn't a proper ufo just trying to explain the effect as many people tend to make hasty conclusions.

//Your frind "J" over at

Anonymous said...

very impressive.. must be genuin.. I wonder what the message is? it seems like they think we could desciffere their messages.. Anyone knows if anyone has tried to desciffere the stephenville message by the way?

Lich said...

Sorry about offtopic :)

I made movie about my weird experiences which am not sure was sleep paralysis or alien abduction. Once i wake up because something touch me and when i look near bed sit strange being. i remember it and here you may see what alien really look like (i modified and animate usual gray)

vid is here:

Jesse Courtemanche... said...

Impossible to differenciate between camera shake and UFO movement.

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