Saturday, March 28, 2009

New UFO Hunters 215 Underground Alien Bases

New Ufo hunters episode:
It could be one of the darkest and most sinister secrets in the entire field of UFO investigation: human-alien genetic experiments, reportedly going on deep below the New Mexico desert brush in an underground base. There are even accounts of an uprising and a shootout between humans and rebellious alien Greys.




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Neurotoxicum said...

Great episode!

But there is one question on my mind: If they are really disclosing/discovering anything the government wants to hide, then why would anyone allow this to be broadcasted?
I mean wouldn't it be easy to censor episodes or simply make them disappear?

Or is UFO-Hunters a part of the whole disclosing process that seems to be taking place?

Anonymous said...

So.. it's simple. Do a DNA test on that deformed "cow-thing".

As for the DUMB, I have no doubt these exist or that unethical human experimentation happens. If we can conceive it, it's probably being done somewhere.

Mikoratee said...

I'm bookmarking this for future reference. IMO, I think this is the most important and best episode out.

Ken Lonewolf said...

I have had several encounters with UFOs since I was eight years old. And one encounter with a little gray alien at arm's length, and I can thank this little guy for curing me of the worst case of flu that I have ever had. Actually, the little guy was sort of cute, but a bit different from a human, especially his hands and large black slanted almond shaped eyes. It never spoke. I haven't had a cold or flu since then. That was about thirty years ago. Believe me when I tell you that aliens are real. Most of my encounters have been while piloting airplanes.One over top of a major airport. Some while in contact with air controllers and the UFOs have been on their radar screens.

Anonymous said...

I tried 4 of the mini videos and found they are blocked...says due to copyright but that`s a cover story...right ?!

Anonymous said...

I was also blocked from watching 4 of the videos about Dulce, New Mexico. The words 'Not available in your country,' came up on my screen. But what I WAS able to watch is extremely interesting, profound & definitely believable! Thank you for all your time & effort.

Anonymous said...

Sometime soon after the new year I was able to watch EVERY part of the Dulce video. When I started reading the comments here I had no idea WHERE I'd come across what I'd watched, so thinking to revisit whatever site & leave the address here, I got into my favorites. Clicked the link, then found out I'd watched it right here. But like someone else said, *right here* I could only view parts 2 and 5. That is a bit strange - more like someone was messing around on purpose trying to make it seem part of *the great conspiracy*. :-|

Sondre Heien said...

All parts works for me.

Casbah said...

Since 1947, the best the ufo experts could come up as evidence is a deformed cow fetus! Where is the real proof of greys or reptilians?

Anonymous said...

Yep, big brother must be blocking the videos here in the US. I'm not able to view any of them.

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