Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NEW Alex Collier Interview - the contactee

This is the new Alex Collier Interview: Alex Collier a United States citizen claiming to be a contactee with friendly human ETs from the Andromeda star system. Collier has underlined that he is a contactee, not an abductee. Although Collier has endeavoured to keep a low profile since first going public in the early 1990's with the warnings provided to him by his Andromedan contacts, the information then provided has moved more and more into the mainstream.
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Dean said...

i think his a stoner in my honest oppinion. doesnt stop laughing, clearly a idiot

George said...

for you ignorant people there, like dean, try to change your atittude quickly otherwise you wont qualify for next round.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Dean, you can't label someone a stoner/idiot for being informal in an interview that is blatantly stressed as informal. Stop trolling

brian said...

I think Alex Collier is awesome! Keep going at it with your cause!

Anonymous said...

I'm xavier I know the truth its been 4 years since my cousin showed me alex collier and I hope he's right about all this information, shit! Ill cut the hearts out of a draconian and the head off those devils. Hey anybody that wants to know truth music here is a few artists. Atma-the higher self, jedi mind tricks, the lost children of babylon. Ight I'm out peace brothers n sisters of the human race be easy y'all.

Julie Hollingsworth said...

Read Wisdom or War From Vaisas.

Alex said...

Check out

for more on Alex Collier.

Benbouker said...

Hey! I like Alex Collier alot, and think its verry intersting to read hes book!
Now hat sayd.. I hav a couple topics Im left with that i need to get some more clear answer out of... And since it probably hard to get i contact with Alex, since hes a verry privat person as he say,, then I need too share it out here too need to share it, out here!
He say that the Andromedianss wondered if they should care, and help us,, because thaey also think that we are an strange race, (us terrence of earth) He thinks its strange that we hate each others and warring against each others.. well they have the exact same situattion.
But life its life as I see it.. They see the reptillian as anthother race, like we see another being on earth as ´´another race ¨¨.
Then if you think about their filosofy, they should¨t fsay that the repptillians was another race, and warring against them..

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