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ATS Forum censorship - Who's really behind the site ? & why the ufo community is boycotting it:

This is an urgent call to action for everyone in the Ufo community to boycott the ATS forum!

This seemly open and neutral forum has some sinister motives behind its management & operation which most people are unaware of - so i am strongly advising the forum is to be avoided at all costs:
I recently posted a short excerpt from my recent post about the pilot who came forward about the Airbus Ufo sightings on ATS . I usually love the forum, i thought it was a great neutral and informative space to spark genuine Ufo debate - but was shocked when my post was removed and my posting privileges denied ( after being a long active member for many years). My original post about the airbus made it to the top of the Ufo forum topic and got over 170 responses within a day.. yet ATS deemed my posts not in their liking ... why?... think about it..

Is this moderation gone overboard or a sign of something more sinister?. I have been a member for many years and have contributed to substantial ufo debate on the forum site and its very sad to see that the disinfo campaign has likely infiltrated this site as well.

If you think about it logically the ATS forum is the largest of its kind online - as they mention on their site site "ATS its the the Internet's largest and most popular discussion board community" - so its a major hub for Ufo chatter & debate in the Ufo community .If you regulate this site and track its members then you have a major influence & power over the Ufo community and close survelliance of its followers. I have numerous reports that ATS has been influenced many times in the past to remove topics deemed 'too sensitive' however i never trully believed this until my recent experience of this on the forum. (So much for them being a source of everything 'Above top secret"!).

There are also disturbing rumours that ATS members details (Ip address,email etc) may be used to track their members.. This is revealed in their privacy policy: We reserve the right to disclose any personally identifiable information associated with your account and/or posting history as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on The Above Network, LLC.

I have also received numerous emails from many former disgruntled ATS members who have complained about being banned in this similar manner. Post something on the topic but not to the liking of those in control and your account is removed - sounds just like youtube!

RealUfos would like to know if you have been banned from ATS in this way? - have you had a similar experience? were you told why you were banned and what were you posting about exactly? Please respond to this post.

I would also like to know more about who's really behind ATS ?- please respond if you have any info, whose really in control there and whats going on with their over the top moderation?

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Anonymous said...

i hate that site with a passion opened an account there but never been back tried to upload important vids but access is denied whats that about. they only give it to the select few.. is the best video and forum site for this stuff.ive got an account there. pretty much anything goes and they dont ban people

Anonymous said...

here's a new ufo vid that might interest ya link..

Ryan said...

I was going to sign up on the site to post my opinions about things. After reading this post, I don't think I will now. Thanks for the heads up, maybe I will post my opinions on these matters here more often.

anthony said...

That site is notorious for censoring posts then banning people. John Lear was even (temporarily) banned from commenting awhile back. They will NOT let you post anything factual about UFOs. The people they don't mess with though are debunkers. They let them post anything they want.

Anonymous said...

I had a thread bumped off ATS also.

Their reason was that my link to another forum's discussion of the subject matter did not meet their standard for sufficient discussion content.

Anonymous said...

I had a thread bumped off ATS also.

Their reason was that my link to another forum's discussion of the subject matter did not meet their standard for sufficient discussion content.


Let me tell you one more secret other then they are CIA front. According to T&C they have right to sell your content what ever you posted on that forum.


Anonymous said...

To OP of this story,

Can you post your story that was ban from ATS, I'm very interested. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Come on over to and talk about ufo's however you seem fit!

You'll never get censored!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen some of my threads disapear in minutes while there were only about 10 people on the site, so it wasn't because too many people were checking out other threads.

They let religious folks write anything they want, even when it's not related to the thread, but don't let people criticise this.

They obviously have a line of thought they follow and anything that doesn't fit in get thrown out. They allow ridiculous threads to remain on top for a long time, while well-thought out threads disapear.

They only reason I still go there is that on occasion, someone will post an original thought and I'll be lucky enough to find it.

Anonymous said...

wow loads of x ats`ers, well looks like i been banned !!, first i had a thread removed, then a post cencored, & now i cant access 90% of ats site.
seems i may have been getting a little to honest.
& now i take a step back ats sure does look more like a cencored propaganda machine. ohh well bye bye ats. i`m sure many many more people who refuse to be silenced will find better places to find like minded souls :)

Anonymous said...

I was post banned too.

They don't like to talk
about chemtrails, or freemasons.

Anonymous said...

I was banned because I insulted a freemason who insulted me. ATS is a masonic propaganda site! I have been reliably told that what they do is have one of their own entice you into an argument and then ban you (the old 404 error page) when you retaliate. There is a long list of good researchers who have been banned because they told the truth. Don't worry about it. . . You know when you're near the truth when these fools have to ban you to shut you up.

Anonymous said...

Many web sites are like this , not only ufo web sites. The persons that have intellect are banned , the persons that are idiots are held up as the greatest thinkers of all time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys this ATS banning seems to be the norm lately as I have seen many users post their disgust over at
the monitor of private messages also seem regular from what users have been saying.

Great blog by the way

ElectroKraft said...

I was also banned from the site. I was a member for 2 years and became increasingly annoyed with adware and spyware that they would load onto my browser.

Recently they started to imploy the use of full page pop-up ads that were becoming increasingly more difficult to close. You would have to read a paragraph of crap and make sure you click the right button in order to close the ad.

After realizing the owners of ATS were assholes I politely asked them to close my account and to remove all of my posts or at least my account info. They were extremely rude and just said "no", they would not.

So I made a post about it in the ATS forum, explaining to the other members what assholes the owners of ATS are and that it explicitly states in their privacy statement that they claim ownership to everything anyone posts, writes, etc. in their forums.

So I was banned and they kept my IP address on file, when I tried to return to their site they loaded a "browser hijacker" script on my computer.


Anonymous said...

ATS is not the largest discussion board of its kind, and the site owner is a massive liar. There are thousands of boards that are bigger than his. I caught him lying on two occasions, called him out on it, and then I was banned. Since its his personal site (Skeptic Piece of Overlord Trash), he can do whatever he wants.

Don't worry peoples. He will fade away with his lies. You are not alone.

Rosie said...

I had a few aliases and spoke a few truths - got bumped every time - ATS only likes non-thinkers.

Rosie said...

How long will it take to approve my comment?

How long is a piece of string?

Thank anyway lol.

Anonymous said...

William Irvine and Mark Allin are regularly called out on lies, double standards and the ignorance they profess to "deny". They have no connection with intelligence services or military operations. They have had simple, limited backgrounds in corporate life and have chosen development of this website to try to maximize advertising revenues, as a substitute for failed careers elsewhere. Simon Gray is rarely sighted, but is still gainfully employed in the finance sector in the UK.

The culture of the "administration team" is the systematized abuse of volunteers, and exploiting unpaid labor for as long as the moderator or super moderator is having his or her ego stroked for the perception of doing something worthwhile. Rocking the boat leads to lynching and expulsion, no explanations necessary or provided to "members".

The membership is deluded into a belief that they are discovering important new facts and sharing arcane information. Most of the information has been sourced from mainstream sites, there is little original material and little reason for a person with original material to use the site to broaden exposure. Hence the membership has curved towards younger members (teenagers), taken on the role of an "alternative" social networking site with real discovery a non-objective; only a few stalwarts (including some well qualified people) maintaining their presence out of habit.

Rating from a reformed forum "junkie" - ATS at its peak: 6.5/10. ATS 2010 form: 0/10.

No Cointelpro presence exists except the benefit that Cointelpro receive from massive timewasting.

Anonymous said...

Referred here by another ex ATS member. Aside from these personal stories there must be 1000 s by now, the idea that ATS site tracks it's members is true. Some mods play a sport and abuse powers with IP s play guessing games and this is not kept in check by admin. Mods tease muck around with members laugh about it and banning members in private forum. ATS never achieves, idea is not to prove or research anything but get web traffic and grow impressive visit numbers. Quantity counts at ATS no quality. One owner Skeptic says it is quality that gets more members there but that is bullshit there is not much quality there they know it.

Anonymous said...

reply posted on 8-3-2010 @ 04:33 PM by SkepticOverlord

Originally posted by highlyoriginal
I shouldn't have to feel intimidated or feel as if I may be banned for asking a question or explaining my side of the story.

I don't think you should feel that way, and am sorry you do.

However... consider the various angles of this complex issue, and our side of the situation:

(1) We have six servers, all but one of which are exceptionally high-end systems that represent the most-expensive options/builds form our managed server & hosting provider

(2) We pay three professional firms to help keep all running in a manner that is designed to solicit your trust:
-a- A tech-support and server security firm
-b- A banner-ad compliance and scanning firm
-c- A server malware/virus/exploit scanning firm
(No site our size is investing at this level to keep their domain safe)

(3) Are facing a new round of upgrades and new servers in the very near future

(4) Have a growing list of fees for other professional services for many unannounced behind-the-scenes projects

(5) Are personally working long-hours most people would reject

(6) Have never (and never will) turned to our members for financial assistance, and only ask for your best posts

Clearly, because of our scale and aspirations for new offerings for our members, this is an increasingly expensive enterprise.

So now, with the above in mind, consider:

(1) We endure regular "flack" and various levels of indignation on many aspects of operations, including the necessity of advertising

(2) We are incredibly proactive about wanting to get information on misbehaving ads, yet endure countless vague complaints and accusations, with no assistance offered by those making the claims

(3) And we're somehow expected to endure those who angrily flaunt the relatively simple value proposition of: if you use ATS, please tolerate our ads?

A site this size is a lot of work and incurs a great deal of outside expense. At this time, advertising is the only viable option available to us that provides the level of revenue to enable us to continue paying the bills and maintaining our current level of service to all users: members and visitors alike. From time to time, our frustrations of those who demonstrate continued distaste over our efforts get the best of us. We're human. And we're often tired.

Translation of this drivel: owners have exhausted revenue opportunities new ideas and patience of too many stakeholders. Expect disposal within 7/8 months.

Anonymous said...

yes, I believe ATS is run by interests in government and undercover groups of more nefarious reputations. they are there to sucker people in to release information and they themselves allow the creation of disinformation and never allow real and interesting things to arise. Very curious to see that there are many who see ATS for what it really is. A Trap!

Anonymous said...

They have totally double standards!
They give yo a fine and a slap on the face for posting something when just above you is a post so virulent and rude in it's attacks that you would be shocked!
Why was my post deleted and not theirs?
Sinister reasons?
You be the judge!
but my advice is 'DON'T' bother signing up for that site, it has gone to the dogs, and the debunker has more rights than the truth seeker!

dreamwalker said...

I was banned from ATS because I asked what the true definition of a "troll" was. In order to make the point that this term was being thrown around too much. They sent this post to the "rant" site. When I complained, they banned me. Though at no point had I broken their terms and conditions. This site is a joke. It is so liberal based, it is ridiculous. If you post any conservative based idea, you will be attacked, page after page. This site sucks. If you are a true American, avoid this site like the plague. Yes they censor all the posts. Specifically UFO posts, and anything having to do with conservatism.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was banned for being too liberal and complaining that all the "I hate Moslem" threads were fucking the place up.

TrutherD1 said...

I was banned for talking about "fake plane UFOs" from Alison Kruse at YouTube /seeingUFOsPA - I made a video about it. :) Google "banned ATS" I've filmed a lot of stuff myself.

Jynx said...

I recently posted a comment on an ATS thread that was entitled "Leave your homes and head for the hills". One member who seemed to actually know a bit about self-sufficiency inspired me to create an account and post. After My post (maybe 1hr later) the entire thread was removed. The URL is/was . The content of my post was not the typical plan B, stock up on food and make a bug-out bag, that everyone else posted. I described in detail how I got away from the rat-race and did it by working with the country-folk that were already in the remote area that I became a resident of. I first acquired a 16' Tipi, and while living in it with no electricity or running water proceeded to grow about 50% of my own food. I then got a job at a nearby hardware store and used damaged and clearanced stock to begin building my cabin. I succeeded in becoming mostly self-reliant in preparation for the very difficult times to come and indeed am continuing to build up more resources for the continuation of my life and the lives of my family regardless of what occurs in the near future. I do not believe in fighting or harming other people so I never once promoted violence. However, my post and in-fact the entire thread was removed... 404 not found! To anyone that wants to post realistic advice or wants realistic advice on how to escape the grasp of TPTB I suggest avoiding ATS. Think I might try that site. Thanks for your time, Jynx

Anonymous said...

Yeah fuck ATS. Theyre a bunch of stupid idiots.

Anonymous said...

hi i was banned for no reason
my username was littlezeta and i contributed really good threads did a lot of roswell and crop circle event research
here are just two of the threads

i was banned for no reason and when i asked why, that username was banned too!
im really angry

Anonymous said...

They plant web beacons on your login when you login. Its located in the points you accumulate as a 0.gif color you cannot detect. This is done to those they wish to shadow on their site.

Someone else uses console control when you type your messages in the post box. They read what you type in real time and if not to their approval, bam, they delete your login credentials but not your user name.

This is a ploy to keep their member numbers high but the fallen stopped from posting. Then, you have to crerate another login and their member number just went up another notch.

Ray Alex said...

Hi all, you should see their reaction after I posted a article about them being CIA funded, hehe!

Anonymous said...

They have removed my posting priviledges and deleted some of my threads, I am currently in the middle of a "private message" or "U2U" debate with one of the moderators as to what I have actually done wrong, and apart from me telling him to frig off one time (lol) for saying I was completely off topic, I posted something about the nwo in a thread called lets enforce law and world government, this was completely on topic yet for speaking ill of one of the moderators I have been banned from using 80% of the features. All this from a site which uses the motto Deny Ignorance seems to tell me that something isnt quite right over there, especially the attitude of the moderator I'm debating with, its apparently do as he says or stay banned. I'll just stay banned because they are definitely not denying any kind of ignorance, they are encouraging it.

Anonymous said...

Though ATS likes to pretend they are the biggest and the best, with the best mods, but in reality its an ass kissing contest on that site, with some of the most unfair biased censorship on the net.

I once questioned the stats they have under a members avatar,showing the amount of threads started. They totally didn't match up to threads created, listed under the members profile.

Admin brags about the number of traffic and threads, yet its BS, because every time someone alerts a post it is counted as a "new thread". Every time staff generates a message between themselves, it is considered a "new thread" in stats.

When I pointed out how far off the numbers were, after perusing through many member profiles and seeing at least 3 times as much the number for threads started as was the reality in their profiles (just for regular members, staff was at least 10 to 20 times higher that actual threads ), I was quickly shot down by admin and mods, explaining that it all "balanced" out in the end.

Of course some smart member came along to point out that ATS was notorious for fudging numbers so they could draw bigger revenue from their paid advertisers.

Any good info they have, is buried far into the archives, and like many members on there say, all the really good ones have left or been banned.

Anonymous said...

The mods are totally biased and play favorites on ATS.

Like someone else mentioned, they will tag one reply with extreme T&C violation, and leave another that was even worse.

Also there stats are totally off. If you look at the thread count by a members name, it is usually much higher than actual threads started when you compare it with their profile info.

When asked about this on a thread, they came out with the lame reason that any alert will be considered a new thread. The numbers are totally out of whack, and like some smart member said, its all a sham for better numbers and higher revenue in advertising.

There is a creepy undertone to the place, as far as really good threads with some really insightful info, just disappearing, and it makes one wonder who is really controlling the info.

Their radio show is a joke too, bunch of lame brains thinking they are funny, poking fun at any real conspiratorial truths the majority of the time.

Its too bad, because there are some good , intelligent members on there,but my understanding is the the very good ones have mostly been banned, or freely left.

Anonymous said...

Some of the well known debunkers/skeptics that 'work'
on ATS are really clever chaps.

They are able to keep up with dozens of threads at once and reply to multiple posts almost simultaneously....

Almost as if there are multiple people behind these accounts. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure Enochwasright just got banned from ATS. What for? Not sure.

Anonymous said...

I was a member if the site for over 10 years. Yesterday I created a thread about the 9 nuke commanders getting sacked for test cheating.

At the end of my thread I added my thought that, because the article stated that they were planning on remodeling the base than that would be the perfect cover to have someone come in and steal the nukes and create a false flag a year from now.

Well apparently that his a nerve and after 10 long years (original account masta12d and the banned account was Rosinitiate).

I was told I received a post ban because I was intentionally misleading. Although I can't access the thread anymore, here is my interaction with the mod who banned me:

"You need to understand how serious this is. I am not the only staff member looking at this, and a consensus was reached before the post ban was put in place.

What was said in that thread could have been considered as a deliberate hoax, and your account could have been permanently banned.

We don't want to see that happen. We really don't like banning anyone, but we can't let things like this stand without reaching an understanding.

If you agree to not do anything like this again, and the staff feels you are sincere in that, then we will lift your post ban."

My response:

I have written a complaint articulating my position and I trust you have read that also. I am not a deceitful person online or in real life and I stand by my convictions. My intent of the thread and my personal thoughts shared at the end was not malicious in nature nor do I feel that the thread violated the T&C of ATS.

After the ATS staff reviews my complaint and still feels the post ban is/was warranted, than I will simply take it as a form of censorship and recognize the real intent is to silence. If that is the case, than you can leave the account banned and I will take my leave as I can't be a part of something I don't believe in.

It may be worth noting, I have been a member of this community since 2004 with the username masta12d, I bring this up only to reflect that:

a.) I have been a faithful member of this site for quite some time and have a pretty firm grasp of the sites T&C.

b.) The fact I am willing to stand by my position at the risk of sacrificing the investment of time I have put into this site, should show that I too take this accusation seriously.

If perhaps I am misremembering my own thread (which I'm not) and someone can articulate to me how I violated said T&C than I would humbley appologize for my transgressions. As it stands, the explanation offered thus far is found severely wanting.

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