Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cambridgeshire UK Ufos - multiple Lights June 2009

A new ufo report from Cambridgeshire in the UK:
Extract from here
Witnesses claimed to have seen up to 50 of the mystery bright beams at around 11.30pm in Huntingdon.
Scott Boswell, 37, a former pilot and soldier from nearby Hinchingbrooke, captured some of the lights on his camera.
Mr Boswell, a banker in the City of London, said: "I noticed three lights floating past our house, probably a couple of kilometres away, and thought nothing of it.
"But then I noticed a big long string of lights coming from the direction of Brampton and heading over the Stukeley Meadows direction. This was about 11.30pm and I got a couple of blurred shots. I'm pretty sure these weren't aircraft.
"There was no noise, no navigation lights and their heading and height was relatively constant until they disappeared out of sight."

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Anonymous said...

Welcome, Chinese lanterns ;-)

ACH said...

Hayden Idaho June 3rd 11:25PM to 3:00AM I witnessed 5 separate sightings along with my girlfriend (she witnessed 2 of them).

These were boomerang shaped glowing objects traveling at VERY fast rates of speed.

In order of sightings:
A) 11:25 2 shooting stars transform into boomerang shapes and disappear over the horizon
B) 11:43 2 more boomerang shapes zoom from west to east altering parallel with e/other and then flying away and back toward each other before disappearing
C) 11:50 6 appear out of nowhere flying in single file formation. Snaking through the sky then collapsing on each other and disappearing
D) 2:15 am 9 APPEAR out of nowhere in triangle formation traveling south to north
E) 1 much larger and darker boomerang shape flying higher and slower flew from south to north.

UNBELIEVABLE... I now have a video camera that I hope to capture these with.

They were all glowing this iridescent sort of orangeish red or tan color. BLEW MY HEART up

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