Thursday, June 04, 2009

RealUfos needs your input - Site Redesign....


I have got complaints that the site looks bad and is awkward to navigate.
I agree that the right side needs to go. Videos are much larger now and simple navigation is important.

Would like to know your feedback on the site and what features and changes you would like to see in the re-design of to make is easier on the eye?

Unfortunately the designer who worked on our site before has gone and i am looking for a web designer familiar with custom blogger templates. If you know of someone please email me

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Dickos Fortuna said...

I really like the simple 'blog'ness of real ufos... And given it's increasing popularity I would be careful not to change it too much. I think you should indeed get rid of the right side, especially the veritas thing which never loads properly. As long as all new posts go to the main front page I'm happy. That's all I check, several times a day! So as long as everything that is posted goes up there, I think it'll stay good. It might be nice to see some of the comments people make as well as ratings, but small enough that they don't take up too much space.
good work Matt! Lots of updates today too, great to see!

Ryan W. said...

You should use as a reference. I like how their blog is set up very much.

markymint said...

Good layout at present, please don't change it! right side is fine to me, in fact, it only seemed to appear in the last fortnight, but it's interesting, simplistic, and covers up the large scrolling area your blog creates. very few other options will arise in a design to encompass all the useful links, gadgets and posts you have on your site. interesting to know exactly who it is who's complaining, and whether they have any experience in web design.

[email protected] said...

I say, if it's not broke, DON'T FIX IT. I love the fact that you update daily, and would HATE if the site went down for "construction". That's so frustrating. Keep up the good work guys.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above posters Matt,

I would only make minor changes.
I found on my gaming forum the biggest problem with pages loading was the amount of youtube clips embeded as they take time to load.

As your main pull is the great clips you post there is no way to avoid that.

TBH, I bet the ones who are moaning are people still on dial up or have lame broadband connections.

I would leave it as it is m8 bar maybe minor changes

ps. works fine in the UK on a Broadband connection for me.


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