Monday, August 31, 2009

Changing light patterns - whats this?

Can Ufos mimic aircraft and helicopters?
Not sure about this one... what do you think?

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10:32 PM -Almost deleted this video. At the time it was taken, I had dismissed it as 'ours' because I heard a quiet engine noise. Playing with newly found X150 zoom and trying to unstick tripod, I really didn't pay attention to what I was filming at the time. I can't see detail in the small LCD screen and usually wait to blow up footage to see what I have.

Went to make room on hard drive and glad I viewed it, however, before deleting. It is the same triangle UFO I filmed on August 4, 2009! You can see it coming, a side view and changing into a "Fake Plane" UFO complete with it's non-FAA flash pattern (both wing tip white lights are to strobe, not one side only).

Also, although the light pattern is classic 'triangle' the shapes shown are not flat & a light pole is visible with holes in its design. I do believe it is probable that recent report from Colorado indicating a 'bubble nose' is this same craft.

UFOs above Moscow on August, 30th 2009
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Sanchez said...

Wow... this isnt a UFO, its a plane, the lights appear to be changing because of the angle the lights are pointing.

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