Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Belgium Triangle UFO from 2007

What could this object be?
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l2 said...

I' m from belgium and in 2007 I have witnessed a dozen UFO's in formation travelling from South to North. (10km south of antwerp)

There were not triangles, and were fully luminous.

Seemed to skip through the air like those musquito's skip over water.

Reported it to Mufon.

My personal gut feeling (ofcourse not proof by a long shot) is that they were human, possibly NATO/SHAPE electrogravitic vehicles.

snoops said...

it looks quite up in the sky so I think we can rule out street lamps or towers..never seen a plane like that before, it's even got a center light that's blinking. interesting footage!

Mikoratee said...

Almost like the Giza Pyramid.

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