Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Large Ufos over Shandong China 2009

UFO researchers are still baffled over a large scale UFO event whereby thousands of witnesses saw two cloud-like UFOs with white lights circling them over an enormous area (at least 300KM radius) in Shandong Province.

More photos, such as the one above, of the event are beginning to surface along with film footage. Neither scientists or authorities have come forward to with any answers as to what the objects seen were however it has been noted that this sighting stands out in regards to the wide area over which the UFO was seen.

Shandong ufo

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Dickos Fortuna said...

It'd be cool if there was a wee bubble where you could just link your source... What is the source? As always though Matt, great work. I admire your tenacity and hard work keeping this up. If you're ever in NZ I'd love to sit you down for a chat!

Anonymous said...

where is the photo

Anonymous said...

i really do not understand the interest around this. they are so clearly conventional aircraft. nothing more. nothing less. why can't anyone else see that?

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