Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ufo over Volcanoe Etna Italy

A mysterious object was sighted and taken with a camera on the south-east crater of the volcano Etna. In this period of intense UFO activity, there are testimonies about sightings of OVNI on Vesuvius, which raises the hypothesis of a link between UFOs and volcanic eruptions as happened in Mexico.

Annalisa Director Web Magazine "Noiegliextraterrestri" has published a report of UFO sightings on Etna:"I get the alert of a reader" Noiegliextraterrestri "which has been achieved an impressive sighting, with Video cameras, a non-terrestrial flying object fly over the southeast crater of Etna.

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Ufos seem to love volcanoes - remember this one over Costa Rica?:
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Anonymous said...

The camera man was drunk?
He´s always shaking.

Anonymous said...

cant really tell too much camera movement could be a bird or a remote plane looking into the crater.

Martin said...

Too many shakey out of focus UFO videoclips around today.


Anonymous said...

Aliens speak English??

nick dk said...

Quit fricking masturebathing while filming in the morning and shoot the fucking dog ASAP!!

sk8ingissick said...

When filming..always remember that you have no chance of a steady shot with the camera in your hands! Especially in zoom! Beat this by buying a tripod or finding a place to put your camera down and using a shirt or coat to get the desired angle!
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