Wednesday, August 05, 2009

UFO Tracking RAF Hercules Over Wiltshire?

Large Ufo Tracking Plane in the Uk- July 22nd
MoD refuses to investigate:


Please remember 'foo fighters' or orbs which track planes have been documented for over 70 years - this is nothing new folks - this is likely why the Mod isn't doing anything

extract from this article:

John Powell, 56, claims an unusual silver orb was following the military craft as it came in to land at the base. The retired school teacher was gardening at his home in nearby Westbury when he noticed the sun glinting off the circular surface."I don't believe in things from outer space but that thing was definitely tracking the plane," he said.

"My neighbour was in the garden at the time and I wanted to shout to them, but I didn't want to say 'there's a flying saucer in the sky' so I didn't say anything in the end."

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markymint said...

"No evidence of a potential threat" = "Yes, we know it's an alien space-craft". Stupid fuckers. Who's terms of holding back the truth is it the MoD are abiding by when it comes to using fuckwad jargon that basically gives their game away?

truthhungryaussie said...

what marky says!

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