Friday, November 06, 2009

MIXQUIC, MEXICO - was it a Ufo?

Im not sure about this one... not easy to discount as fake .. could be a weather ballon but im not sure.. what are your thoughts people:

MIXQUIC, MEXICO taken 5 years ago by a witness who had an opportunity to videotape the object as it hovered for many minutes and then came down as if to see closer the town and residents of MIXQUIC,

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Anonymous said...

UFO footage that shows objects just 'sitting there in the air not moving", always bring up a red flag to me!!!

SirJoey said...

I'm not so sure on this one. Looks convincing enough, but notice the top dome is larger than the bottom one; precisely the shape it would need to be, to remain upright, if it was a balloon. Also, the slow, steady descent, & a lack of any sudden maneuvres, combined with a conspicuous absence of footage showing it's departure, seem to suggest a balloon, IMO.

Anonymous said...

yes it is a u.f.o as in (Unidentified Flying Object) that does not mean it comes from Zeta Reticuli!!! it look like a childs helium balloon to me.

Anonymous said...

Its either a balloon or a UFO equivalent of a Reliant Robin.

Anonymous said...

Im willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.One thing in his favor is that he is not what i call a repeat performer,in other words hes not another Ed Walters who sees these things on a regular basis all the time and fills rolls of film. Im telling you people, there are those out there, like this guy, who see something once,capture it on film, its broadcast on t.v., and soon after, everyone forgets about that person, and their footage, and the person is never heard from again, and you know what? Thats the guy whos the real thing!! The object looks like it is a sphere with a kind of belt running around its diameter and looks similar to the recent object photographed in China which there was much hulabaloo over.

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