Thursday, November 05, 2009

History Channel - we will miss Ufo Hunters!

I have been transfixed like many of you with the 4 last episodes of Ufo Hunters!
I really wish History would bring back the show ...its extremely disappointing they have canned the show the way they did .

As you know they abruptly stopped showing the show a few months ago for no reason - but then surprised everyone last week by finally showing all 4 final episodes of season 3 in one day (weird hey.. )

They have done so much to increase public interest in Ufology. Sadly its likely that Season 4 won't go ahead for sure now.
Lets tell history channel - sign the petition here.

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Seti said...

Matt you mentioned Mr. Murdoch in the description. Does Rupurt Murdoch really own History Channel?

chado said...

ok, i got a couple things to say. I think it's a little ironic that they're canceling this show. I've been watching the History channel a lot lately (it's actually the only t.v. i watch) and a lot of their shows have a lot of elements of ufo's in it. It seems to be a strong focus. When i see them to do shows on the bermuda triangle, or some on how the gov't has been covering up on ufo cases.

So, it strikes me odd they're canning this show. If ufo is a main focus on A LOT of their other shows then why cancel this? Just saying...put some thought into it.

wolf said...

I heard it was cancelled because nobody can work with Bill Birnes....the ratings were not the issue.

Anonymous said...

The show got canned because the quality of the show was rapidly diminishing. Since Ted left, there seemed to be very little actual investigation and NO objectivity. Anything that a witness says Bill takes and says "Now this is what we KNOW". At least Ted tried to put some theories to the test. That gave the show a little credibility.

chado said...

seriously, i think this all speculation. i don't know if it's really all this. maybe there's more to it..

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