Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ufos shooting laser to earth Murrysville Pennsylvania

Ufo shooting down a laser beam - one of my favorites - occurred in Murrysville Pennsylvania October 10 , in Westmoreland County -- where the famous Kecksburg UFO crash happened years ago. Multiple UFOs seen there almost nightly . Why so often in this area? - are they still looking for their crashed craft from 1965 or are the monitoring the military base nearby?

This woman films Ufos their daily -so i can't keep up with her videos! and you can see them on her Youtube channel. I first thought they were all planes but now i accept that these are 'mime Ufos' - Ie Ufos that have learned to mimic commercial aircraft:

Another very interesting piece of footage filmed by her - especially when you see the "flash' showing the Ufos' dropping out of space' into our atmosphere:
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Anonymous said...

alison you are full of shit you need to see a doctor quick.

Alison said...

Hey, I have complete confidence in knowing that some day (and it's looking more and more like it's going to be soon), when you get to witness one yourself, these words will spring into your closed, little terrified mind... "Holy shi%, that crazy bitc& was RIGHT!".

Anonymous said...

When you see a spaceship up close, you small minded people Will be amazed! When you see that there is more than one, but many different kinds of spacecraft, from many different planet's. You will be closer to the truth.

Anonymous said...

That certainly is something interesting. The beam is the most interesting part because it does appear to be a laser-like beam,it is definitely NOT a helicopter searchlight, which I thought for just a moment, it might have been. Those kind of helicopter searchlights are not straight sided all the way to the ground like that. They would appear, in a CONE-LIKE shape. I havent seen a any of this ladies footage before now, but this piece is VERY interesting indeed.Also, the light itself, whatever the object is, is pulsating, which further rules out a helicopter. The object is also quite close to the camera and its shape should be visible. The light coming from the object should silhouette its shape, but it doesnt, which is even more intriguing. This suggests the object is actually illuminated and the light on it is not a light on the object, but rather it is the object itself. Dont flame the woman, she has filmed something very interesting here in this particular video. Some of her videos may be airplanes, I dont know, I HAVENT SEEN THEM, however, this particular video is not an airplane. I live close to an airport, I know what they look like through nightvision, and I am more than satasfied, that this is not an airplane, nor a helicopter.Other than that I dont know what it is!

Anonymous said...

You have posted many,many videos of lights in the sky and claiming UFOs with not one of your photos being analyized and confirmed as such.By now you should have a clear,close up,identifiable,craft. Oh I believe very much that we are visited by ETs.Just not YOUR videos. You have wasted alot of investigators time and efforts trying to confirm your attempt for attention.

Larry Underwood said...

Indeed, please seek help, before you laze some poor pilot and cause an accident

ths site has now gotten noticed by quite a few people who actually know what they are talking about, dont be surprised if you get a call soon. what you are doing (with the Laser) is not just idiotic, its dangerous and unlawfull

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