Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final thoughts on the Santiago lights from 2 weeks ago

It was the 16 December 2009 and this video cause a stir when it came out.
Most obviously now its thought that it was the Chilean military Practicing some dangerous moves with jets over the city at night. Why they would do an airshow like this over a densely populated city at night seems puzzling, especially when one of the jets turns its lights on and then off...
As i missed this video while i was away i thought i would repost this here.. did anyone in Santiago see this and do we have any further updates on this event?
Comments appreciated
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Push Back said...

In the google search box , type in , 20 million candle power search lights. These are Hand Held Lights. Yes it is Ok to use more then one of these high power lights. Read my posts in the forms and else where on this Real UFO'S site. Push Back

Anonymous said...

Chilian military???

Anonymous said...


Nemesis said...

If those lights are 'jets' then where is their navigation/strobe lights which at that distance should be readily discernable?

Anonymous said...

here is some cool footage as well ;-)

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