Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Chinese Lantern Ufo test

So ...

I was in asia last week and i had the opportunity to let release and study my own Chinese lantern going up in the night sky.

As you may or may not know Chinese lanterns are one of the main objects that the public commonly confuses with for Ufos . Especially when they see a 'fleet of these objects together'.

The lanterns can be easily purchased by the public for about $30 USD and are elevated by the heat created by the burning of the wick lower down in the frame of the lantern. Launching the lantern at the right time is pivotal as the wind direction can effect the initial take off.

I was surprised after realising how quickly these lanterns take off once they get going. In Asian cultures they are often released over the sea to celebrate good luck , the passing of a person and Chinese new year festivities.

After only 5 minutes my lantern claimed to a very high elevation and could be seen moving erratically as they follow wind currents. (Red lanterns and different colours can be purchased to give different light effects.) We asked some onlookers who had not seen us launching the lanterns initially what they thought the lights were and they were puzzled and could not identify it.

So... to make sure lights at night are not lanterns check:
is 1) are out at sea and 2) do they move erratically with the wind and have numerous lights together? - If they do they are most likely Chinese lanterns.

I strongly feel that yes it is easy to confuse the lanterns with Ufos but it is not possible for lanterns to mimic complex light formations like that of triangle Ufos.

Also note: Chinese lanterns are let off alot during January - especially as we approach new Year and Chinese new year (late jan)- so keep an eye out so as not to confuse with genuine Ufos.

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Anonymous said...

I often keep my eyes on the sky here in Southern England and many times I have spotted these objects floating high up.

To me they seem very obvious because of the flickering flames that tend to flare in unison with the erratic movement.

What tends to freak me out most is the incoming airliners that put their headlights on when coming down to land at Gatwick. From a distance (especially through heavy clouds) they look very weird.

Anonymous said...

thats some good info,but ufos mosty the red ones or while they are red ,as they do change color,produce sound,humans cannot hear it, but dogs can and it drives them wild like a dog whisle. Its kind of a weird scilence.In a quite enviroment u can feel it and it goes away when the light changes to white.I belive these are unmaned or unaliented probes.

Jeff said...

Along the lines of lanterns. It is probably easy and affordable to make a triangular UFO with helium balloons, twine, color LEDs and 3 or more lightweight wooden dowels.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?


The majority of people for hundreds of years have NOT confused Chinese lanterns for UFOS.That is one of the easiest ways SKEPTICS can explain what they are in denial about.

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