Monday, February 15, 2010

Brazil Ufo shows up during live newscast

Another new one from Brazil .. translation anyone?
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nick dk said...

New one??

I saw this one a year ago or even more...

Berna said...

Journalist: “... Edvaldo (newsman), it’s Sunday night, and an UFO is calling attention from the householders of Conjunto Universitário (neighbourhood). For more than two hours, this object presenting red and blue colors, is in the orbit of... close to the Conjunto Universitário. The householders have no idea of what is it, you can see through Jailson Fernandes (cameraman)’s images, that there’s a difference between the stars and this object. It really presents a red color, alternates a red and a blue color. It can be a sattelite, that is very low, but we can’t say for sure. Anyway, it called attention from the Conjunto Universitário’ s householders and Mr. Francisco, who’s a lawyer, he called the Gazeta Alerta producers, reporting this news here at the Conjunto Universitário, and we came, and really... it’s possible to take images, through the Gazeta Alerta‘s cameras, this object. Mr. Francisco, there’s more than two hours since you started observing that, here?”

Mr. Francisco: “Exactly, for more than two hours, this unindetified celestial body was moving from east to south, and stoped close to the C. Sales school, and stayed there performing a very small orbit. Suddenly, the orbit began to turn bigger and bigger and it began to move again from west to east, and is stopped now close to the Forest Reserve of the Federal University of Acre, now. This device appeared here at 22 PM, and stood here calling peoples’ attention, ... for example, there at Quadra 14’s street, all the householders came outside to observe the strange body, because that was never seen here, at Conjunto Universitário.”

Journalist: “That’s it, you’re seeing through Jailson Fernandes’s images, there’s some little movement. Now we’ll let you Edvaldo and our viewers observing. Jailson’ll let the câmera stopped, and you’ll observe that the object... that there is a small movement, but it leaves the camera’s range, when the câmera is totally stopped, and it’ visible, by naked eye, and with the câmera is much better (viewing), and you can see that it changes the lights colors, blue and red. We don’t know what it is, but anyay is calling attention from the householders. Lenilda Cavalcante to the Gazeta Alerta.”

pigsbladders said...

I may be wrong but I'm sure I saw this clip over a year ago on this site, definitely an old clip though

Anonymous said...

I am aware of this clip from the past. Yan nool e nop' en. lee clante

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