Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UFO Florence Ky 2/12/10 Mt. Zion Road

Posters comments:
This video is of what I think is a UFO spotted in Florence Ky on Mt. Zion Road. This was about 11:00 PM at night and very cold 19 degrees outside. Several people saw this and you had to look straight up to see it. In the video, it is very dark, but what you are looking for is 3 square lights about the center of the screen. The object in the video stayed stationary, the movement is from me holding the camera.
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joel said...

talk about fake, do you hear the comments the people made? omg people grow up this is obviously fake

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, thanks for the wonderful job you've been doing. HOpe the Australian censorship hasn't affected your work as yet. I wanted to know what Google means by all those logos about Vancouver. Today there are two UFOs, or what?

Anonymous said...

This is the humans the way they really are. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Is this the way the humans really are ?

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