Monday, February 15, 2010

UFO's in Leicester UK - 13/02/2010

Leicester UK 2 lights filmed - was it a UFO?

Posters comments:
I was walking back from my mates house and as soon as I got onto my Dad's street I seen these two huge lights in the sky standing still. I decided to get my camera out as I was filming my friend doing hilarious drunk things earlier on in the day and they started moving. They flew over my Dad's house and then I tried looking out my window to see them but they had gone.
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Anonymous said...

Lights in the sky. So what. UFO'S and Aliens are so common now that it's not important.

3boyzero-king1 said...

I saw the same light configuration at 5:25 A.M. on 2/20/2010 from south Everett Washington. the lights came from west to east spaced just as in this video, I checked the current location of both the space station and shuttle and neither were near this area or following this trajectory. What I found to be most interesting was three smaller lights that appeared at the same time moving from north to south and taking a stationary position just north of the path of the original lights two of the three lights remained motionless as one appeared to perform maneuvers that would indicate controlled movement. As the two west to east lights passed the second set of three lights the one moving light of the group of three increased in brightness slightly and changed its motion from a figure 8 pattern to more of square pattern once the original two lights passed the three lights dimmed and returned to the north direction they had originally arrived from. It almost seemed as though they specifically came to observe a curtain occurrence then left afterwards. the first two lights moving east to west were brighter then class 4 stars and in an orbit closer than most satellites the second three lights were dim as class 1 stars and appeared to be at a higher altitude. myself and my Captain viewed this event for roughly 2 minutes and 30 seconds. the two east to west lights moved much faster than average satellites , the north to south lights moved at varying speeds.

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