Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brazil to make public all Ufo reports - TV news

Brazil's recent steps to make all Ufo reports now available to the public is causing quite a stir in the media. This talk show report on Fox brings up the recent news:

A government decree said all military and civilian pilots as well as air traffic controllers should register any UFO sightings with the national aerospace defense command.

The information will be stored in the national archives in Rio de Janeiro.

It will be made available to researchers, including those seeking evidence of extraterrestrial life.
Anything unusual that is seen, photographed or video filmed in Brazil's air space will now have to be reported and cataloged.

But the air force said it would limit itself to collecting information, and would not be chasing UFOs.

"Air force command does not have a specialized structure to carry out scientific experiments on these phenomena and will limit itself to recording any events" the air force said in a statement.
Out there somewhere?

There have been several reports of UFOs in Brazil in recent decades.
In 1986, air force jets were scrambled to investigate unidentified objects in the skies above Sao Paulo, but the phenomenon was never fully explained.

And in 1977 the Amazon town of Vigia asked for military help after some residents said they had been attacked by extra-terrestrials.

One anonymous air traffic controller told the Brazilian newspaper O Dia that sightings had been reported at the highest level."I have heard of ministers and even a president who said they had seen a UFO", he said
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Anonymous said...

Is there EVER; a serious bone in Fox News?? When it comes to ufo. with out the laughing factor....BUT!...I like the fox news,some what!?

Push Back said...

Shoot them down , the only way to prove one way or the other.

Push Back said...

Can take pictures and videos till the end of time and will prove nothing. Shoot them down , the only way to prove

Seti said...

I'm noticing a trend in the main stream media of them being a little less critical of UFOs lately. I don't think that's a good thing. It's possible they're setting us up for Project Blue Beam.

Anonymous said...

I Hope one of us, is not in the Craft,[Abductions!?]...when Push Back; comes to SHOVE!???...That! has already been tried, & many planes were LOST! Not a good idea, but I can sympathize!?

Dickos Fortuna said...

yeah push back, shoot them down. GENIUS. Amazing how 'Push Back' sounds like 'Douche Bag'

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