Saturday, August 14, 2010

NEW crop circle 13.08.2010.northdowns nr beckhampston wiltshire

New crop circle at Northdowns, nr Beckhampton., Wiltshire. Reported 13th August. More on this one here
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Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ!! and all that bollocks!

Don't gimme that heavy end of world!

If it's all gonna end I wanna have a good time about it!!!!

Gees! I mean .. hey life is pretty 'odd'.. by any accounts.. so ..lets have a blarney, eh?

no seriously! don't forget your sense of humour!.. it might just save your soul some day.... :))

(The wee buggers have been buzzin round my house of I gotta laugh - or i'll go mad!!)

Anonymous said... looks like a menorah. Very interesting, indeed!!!

Mike said...

I believe this is a picture of the gravitational relationship of the earth to the moon. The weight of a person on earth is a hair over 6x.

The smaller orb is held by a line by the larger orb. The smaller orb has one ring. The larger orb has one ring (half ring on the radiating side), has six more.

It's a nice design.

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