Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ufos on Dateline

The media seems to be changing their tune recently, with less ridicule and a push towards real investigation into phenomenon. Obviously this reflects changing perception the public has towards the Ufo topic.
People report about 70,000 UFO sightings every year. Are they real? TODAY's Hoda Kotb previews a 'Dateline'' investigation of the phenomenon:
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Chin Ann said...

Just to share, August Meteor Shower is happening now and the peak is on 12/8/2010. So dont miss out the opportunity to see it with your own naked eyes.

Maybe you would spot an UFO that nite too!!!

More info :

Anonymous said...

I would love to see every part in their series. A decent start, thus far.

The skeptic still sucks, tho. And the footage that was shown at 1:38 is actually 6 planes that were flying in formation by the CIA in order to try and fake the UFO ("They're just ultra lights flying in formation"... remember that?). The footage that follows it is the real stuff.

Thanks to Philip and crew for one of the best investigated cases of all time.

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