Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lanterns over Poland?

Would like to hear from you .. are we looking at simply Chinese lanterns here?

Flotilla of the Polish UFO?! None of these things! "The phenomenon of" registered in this recording is just a classic example of "manifestations" ... "Chinese lanterns". The cluster of mysterious objects shifting soundlessly across the sky.
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Bobby said...

wow, all these lights from all over the world are looking the same....no craft around the lights, just the lights themselves, like orbs of some kind. These are no lanterns. You can see one speed up then slow down compared with the rest.

Push Back said...

High power lasers are available on the internet. Shoot the UFO's. Force them out in the open , force them to respond and we will all get to the truth.

push Back said...

Sunforce 40 million candle power hand held spot lights are available on the internet. Shine several of these on the UFO and hold the lights on the UFO , force them to respond , force them out in the open for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Ok, advice... Stop being morons with the camera.

Anonymous said...

They could be Chinese Lanterns,&
more than likely are!..Reason!!
You will notice,darkened shapes, about the same size,appear to be
falling,which could be consistent
with the Chinese Lantern flame, thats gone out, and then falls with
no light!......?

Anonymous said...

While a number of "UFO" videos from the past couple years DO seem to be Chinese Lanterns, I would suggest that the lights in this video clearly ARE NOT Lanterns. I have never observed Chinese Lanterns to blink on and off, and radically changed speed and direction relative to the other lights/'lanterns' in proximity to them. This is a high quality clip of video that should be studied further.

Anonymous said...


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