Monday, November 22, 2010

New ufo video from Italy

UFO ROME CIAMPINO 19-11-2010 dalle ore 18:00 alle 20:10
these are some pieces of the movie that lasts 2 hours
I finally managed to see it again, like last week the alleged craft manifested itself in the same spot on Friday. After the past eight I went outside to check the shooting, I thought had captured the moment in which the object disappeared, but unfortunately it was not so.
PS watch it all, but in particular pay attention to minute 3:46, 4:45 where we see a light appear and desappear in the rear of the aircraft, and from 5:35 to 6:20, where instead we see the lights change color.

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Anonymous said...

all these ufo sightings thru 2010 is way beyond normal ufo activity they are showing up globaly and on a hourly basis.... It looks like something big and very serious is about to happen on, or to earth or why else would they be here in such numbers and disclosing themselves to us and don't even care if we see them

sid said...

Anyone else getting bored of these vids of lights in the sky at night, i wish these damn aliens showed their crafts during daylight. i have had 2 daylight sightings ..major sightings, its a shame i had no camera . These night sightings just answer nothing, nobody will ever take them seriously.

John said...

I agree sid, those blurry lights could be anything as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully someone will film something more interesting soon...

Anonymous said...

What do we see? Just three, four lights at night. Could be everything. But is NO proof! Please come back with proof - this is what everybody wants to see, hear oder fell.

Anonymous said...

Those look remarkably like runway approach lights to me, probably situated on higher ground and mounted on poles. They probably go off when no further arrivals are expected.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure,it's a steady
shot! but what is it?
I agree with Sid & John,they could be anything! and a mystery!?
I would like to see some one with very powerfull Telescope on Tripod
with camera attachment, nut this one out, with some very clear Photo's of what these lights could be.
There's far too much movement sometimes, to make any sense of what these things might be!?
and aside from that,look at the
frustration these photo's have caused! lol..........?

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