Thursday, February 03, 2011

4th Video of that Ufo in Jerusalem

Further multiple footage of that Ufo filmed on the 28th over Jerusalem
Here's yet another video from a different angle:
Would like all your comments and thoughts on this recent sighting:

TO be honest when the fly Flys up this does look like a CGI:
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Tom Cue said...

You see...i am VERY STRONG BELIVER in UFO. And these videos - i would reeeeeealy really like that they are NOT fake..but as more as i watch them, theres more then couple of things that bothers me...first of all...where are the flashes of light on last 2 videos?

Anonymous said...

If this is a fake, it is a very good one !

Anonymous said...

I don't know... problems really begin with that first close-up video. This looks so fake, i can't emphasize it enough. The orb looks like a poor visual effect, there are no light flashes and the thing doesn't move at all. In this new video, you can see how that thing moves a small distance horizontally and the two flashes. You can't see that movement in the first two longshots, but that can be related to the angle of the shot and the bigger distance to the object. All things considered it is still hard to decide if this is a complex hoax, i.e. intended as an kind of advertisement for an upcoming movie, as some have suggested, or really good footage of an UFO.

Anonymous said...

Video 1: The cityscape with the faked UFO in the background isn't moving in sync with the ground/wall and the tree to the right when the camera moves as seen in the clip below.

(And since both the tree, and the wall are moving in unison I believe we can rule out blaming the "rolling shutter" effect

Especially look at the beginning of the video where the wall and tree are moving together in unison and the backdrop isn't moving in sync. Reminds me of greenscreen special effects in an 80s movie.

Video 3: Easily proven as a fake. When I first saw it I could immediately see it was a flat, 2 dimensional picture I was looking at.

They used a picture from Wikipedia as a background, added a "UFO", played the video on a LCD screen and filmed it with another camera. Blatantly obvious when they zoom in. (see the high resolution 720p version.)

The audio sounds acted and edited. Someone analyzed the audio track and found 8 different splicing points.

Video 4: This is the long version, posted by the same guy who posted the short one I belive:

Dead giveaway at about 4:22 when they switch from the real footage to the doctored ufo footage. The quick rotation looks very fake.

Now, when the UFO is filmed the shaking looks unnatural, and when zoomed in the frequency of the shaking should change but it doesn't.

It's VERY easy to create videos like this, complete with amazing looking shining lights, motion blur, camera shake, etc in for instance Adobe After Effects.

Anonymous said...

UFO-Blogger have already busted this hoax -

Anonymous said...

Even if it is real people Will still say that it's a fake!

I can only hope they will release cctv vids and then we Will know what it was.


I do not need à vid proving what i already know.

Anonymous said...

I would love to believe these are real, but like Tom the more I watch them the more cgi they appear...

For example, in the first two videos originally posted the camera is NOT centred on the ufo, the ufo is at the top of the frame... if someone was filming a ufo surely that would be the subject of the video and in the centre - and they always try to zoom in; but it more so appears that the primary subject was the 'view' which would be consistent with the UFO being added later.

Also, the second video posted, if you look carefully at the lights and background, appears to have been taken from roughly the same location as the first - and is that a person standing in the same position in the foreground? Staged?
When the UFO is above the dome (2nd vid still) the focus effects looks more like CGI fake auto-focus compared to the camera's real auto-focus earlier in the video.
Plus, the 'light flash' effect looks like worse quality cgi.

My theory is that the second video posted was their first attempt at making this cgi ufo video, the first video was a later, more realistic attempt, and they posted both hoping no one would notice.

ST said...

I am leaning more to the fake side. A big clue is that Israel is almost half israelis and half palestinians. If you know anything about arabs, its that they love their camera phones! So why is it only israelis who saw this. It seems to me this might be the same people who keep recreating the video over and over for more credibility. If you get a vid from an arab then i will really slap myself.

Anonymous said...

Very good chance a fake. If you look closely at the flare around the object in close up you will see a square just outside the edges of the light flare (like a rectangular cut out that was pasted in to the view).

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!!..Why?..No flash!!
Otherwise,could have been an impressive light show!.....?

IF..this was true, and considering
this bright light come down VERY low over the City,with that flash of light, would think that
thoughs, who were under it,would have had an amazing view of it!
Where are their reports??......?
Why do we keep getting distant blurred shots??......?

Anonymous said...

4th Video is a fake. on 0:35 you can see the red balls has a cut on the right side. The Video was cropping.

will said...

One way to confirm or debunk the authenticity of these videos is to check the security camera video from the vicinity of the Temple mount. The flash would be apparent if the event took place.
You can be absolutely certain that in hight tech Isreal, at a location of such significance and controversy, there are hundreds of hidden and visible security cameras.
Somebody in Jerusalem should inquire of nearby stores. The store owners may not have heard about the event and maybe never bothered to look at footage from that night.
That would put this controversy to bed.

Pigsbladders said...

This is a fake, forget about how the orb looks and concentrate on the layout of the city and comparing the visible landmarks to the original clips should show the orb to the right of the dome not the left.

Pigsbladders said...

This is a fake, forget about how the orb looks and concentrate on the layout of the city and comparing the visible landmarks to the original clips should show the orb to the right of the dome not the left.

martin said...

the ufo topic it real and its well documented we kno that.. it doesnt take a video or two like these to prove anything to me.. the the truth about these israel ufo going with they just might be fake. and one more thing (a little while ago i was reading something on aol news of arabs and israelies movie makers comeing together to make some kind of ufo zambie movie clip. im not sure what it was but it was something with ufo israil and movie.. does this have something to do whit it. i dont kno

martin said...

here is the link

im not saying this is what it iz just an idea..

Anonymous said...

Typical humans , lame brains , Idiots , liers , ass holes , the low life scum of the universe. All fake.

Anonymous said...

I have the answer to end this sharade...if you or you're friends and the tourists all send the original footage to bufora or mufon to be analysed then that will put an end to whether this was faked or not.

it's all good and well people deciding whether this is real or faked. it needs to be analysed by professionals to make a correct assumption on the case. so it is imperative all people related to these video shots send them to either organization or these videos will be just another case of fakery otherwise. copies of these videos are no good' they have to be the originals. good luck.

webmaster I see the site is getting very busy lately' keep up the good work. peace.


Anonymous said...


[email protected]
Postal address:
08445 674-694


(888) 817-2220
(970) 352-5319


Anonymous said...

Typical humans , lame brains , Idiots , liers , ass holes , the low life scum of the universe.

They are not all like that, my friend.

PENELOPE said...

All Humans are FAKE
They always must explain EVERYTHING to cover their Fear.

Dont Cry Human,YOU ARE FAKE

Anonymous said...

First it was New York and now this. It is beginning to be like the 1940's.

Anonymous said...

I will make one more comment on the situation of (unidentified flying objects) as follows...

all these new sightings are irrelevant in honest terms. if you know you're history regarding unusual flying craft from the 13th century to the 1880's (and thousands of years before that) "of which there was no technology integrated into society" then you would know that these unidentified Ariel crafts have been seen throughout this period in time by vast amounts of witnesses and is written down as unusual sightings pushed back into the back pages of the history books' but they are there.. there is no denying this.

people ask for proof all the time in situations as this dome of the rock jerusalem senario but the proff has been recorded a long time before we had the capability to even imagine how to make a contraption to fly a man.

the real question you should be asking is' why has this been going on for thousands of recorded years in relation to the u.f.o phenomena.


Anonymous said...

Hoaxkiller1 at youtube debunked this video via video analysis.

Isimud said...

I will have to review 'Hoaxkiller1' debunking. While it looks authentic, I cant help but wonder why the camera begins panning up BEFORE the object appears to accelerate straight up. Like it was an anticipated action by the camera person?

Regardless - seeing the segment passed through a deshaker filter makes it all the more interesting to watch.

Irene said...


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