Sunday, January 30, 2011

Richard Dolan on the US governments disgraceful continued Ufo Coverup

Richard Dolan explains some of the high points of the on-going UFO cover-up in the US and how the US government based its decision to no longer further investigate the Ufo topic on two floored and highly biased and outdated studies from the 1960's.
And to president Obama - in the spirit of an open government as you promised during your election lets re-open the study of Ufos using modern day science and (non outdated 50 year old studies) - its pretty obvious the US military does not want this to happen as they know modern day science would pick up too much!
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Anonymous said...

I think Richard Dolan is a hero and a great researcher, and the film is a good primer, but he should re-edit and get rid of all those goofy imovie effects.

They distract and detract from the message of the presentation.

Anonymous said...

Richard the man!!

A good speaker on the,ET./UFO. Subject, catches your attention, interesting & compelling,
No doubt! he's got charisma, but we've heard all this before, and he,s right though,...isn't he??

I've not seen him before, quit like this video though! problem!....?

Anonymous said...

I like Dolan's writing and his commitment to the truth, but he should not lower his standards to this kind of power-selling. And if he feels he must, at least get a good videographer who can do him and the subject justice. This borders on the embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Yea!...wouldn't that be the truth!

Maybe its the New Year image!...?
but its his mind that counts, rather than just the image,we can
get used to it!....can we? lol.:/

Anonymous said...

The New Richard?...or...the other side of Dolan!....? lol

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