Monday, January 31, 2011

Ufo over Caspian Sea January 28, 2011

For your information this new Ufo sighting of a spiral object occured near the capsian sea which border Russia. The question is are they some type of missile testing again? and are these spirals similar to the one in Norway?

Poster comments:
All of this footage was captured in the early morning hours on January 28, 2011 east of the Caspian Sea. recent mass sightings ufo disclosure planet shift news - to me the object seems to shift from comet like to blob like, or it could be more then one object. It seems to get first noticed early morning 5am moving slowly across a darkened sky. In other UFO's I have seen of this nature, they tend to spiral into a black hole and vanish only to reappear and continue to trek across the sky.
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Anonymous said...

Were there any planned rocket launches from the international launch site in Kazakhstan?

Anonymous said...

Looks like it. From comments on YouTube:


Launch time: 0131 GMT on 28th (8:31 p.m. EST on 27th)

Launch site: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan

A Russian government Soyuz rocket launched the 41st Progress cargo delivery ship to the International Space Station. Delayed from Dec. 27.
sparktastic1 1 day ago

Michael said...

Looks like a missile or rocket test launch.

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