Monday, June 27, 2011

Airplane followed by a Ufo 24th June 2011 ?

Sent in bya reader- the question is was it a Ufo or satellite?

Poster says not a satellite:
These both filmed from the exact same position using Yukon Ranger Nightscope. Not the ISS as ISS does not fly over my house or even over my country as we are too far north.
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Hieronymus Braintree said...

1. No moves that aren't possible by conventional aircraft.

2. No independent confirmation.

3. Could easily be faked.

Conclusion: Feh.

Anonymous said...

meh.. yet another spec of light in the night sky. Not exhibiting any characteristics of advanced avionics. Most likely a satellite or other celestial body. You really can't tell much from that clip IMO.

Anonymous said...

Satellites appear to travel at a steady speed, in a straight line, within the curvature of the Earth,
but its hard to see that in this video,because the viewing is all over the show,..but it could be!?

One more thing!..have you ever seen a satellite outshine a stare, "as much as this one??"

Makes you think!?.......if it comes to that,I haven't seen a satellite "from where I am" for a very long time.Where are they all??
I have seen them! but not lately.

Hieronymus Braintree said...

It seems that I ("Feh") and Anonymous ("meh") are very much on the same wavelength.

Michael said...

Dude braintree, again; Do your research! Nothing about creating CGI is "easy". Check the guys page; he has several videos similar to this 1. You're talking out of your ass about something you have no knowledge of. You're exactly why no1 outside of it takes the UFO community seriously. You make statements in regards to something you have no prior experience w/. What conventional aircraft has 1 giant fixed singular light, & no FAA strobes? & where do you see an editing mistake or sign of video tampering? I'm a GRAPHIC ARTIST! if i spot a flaw, or sign of a fake, i would be honest & say it's a hoax based on what i know regarding video editing software. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!

Anonymous said...

7 of us saw the same thing around 11pm on the same night, minus the airplane, moving in the opposite direction of yours. Way brighter than any star in the sky and moving just as fast as yours. We were in Babbitt, MN

Hieronymus Braintree said...


We've been over this territory before. When you have amature CGI stuff like, for example, this:

a light in the sky is, comparatively, duck soup. One might think that any idiot would be able to see that but apparently you can't.

I would also like to point out that this video is being rated at about a three so yours is the minority opinion.

Combining insolence with stupidity is not how one gets intellectual respect. Quite the opposite.

It seems you are still in need of having your diaper changed.

Michael said...

Lol wow you're a small minded prick. Just because the video is low rated doesn't mean it's fake, or "feh" (whatever the fuck that means?) & furthermore, 3 is above average for these vids you dildo, & usually mid-range/slightly above average videos are rated that way because they're low quality/out of focus/etc, which this is. Absolute fakes usually get 1 to 2 stars, which this absolutely isn't. BTW, if you knew ANYTHING about creating CGI, you'd know it's much easier to recreate a high quality imagery (because all up to date software/cameras etc are HD ready/compatible) as opposed to applying filters & such to create grainy night-vision low quality footage, & RARELY does it look this realistic when put together in adobeAE. I'm done w/you, nothing you say holds any validity, nor is at all clever or well thought out, & is purely speculative 100% of the time. I'd almost guarantee every1 who reads your comments would agree you're just a moronic troll talking out of his ass. You should change your name from braintree to dickbush

bay said...

for the past days me and my boyfriend go out on my roof and we have seen the same thing and even small and its all been around the same time we dont know what to think but i think it might be ufo's cause i think they are out there...

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