Friday, July 01, 2011

London Ufo video a fake?

I was suspect of this footage when i came across this a week ago and it looks like my suspicions have been confirmed as usual.So many people sent us the footage but we refused to post it - realUfos is simply about that not RealCGI's!.

It was simply a PR stunt for a special effects company. We have seen this strategy used before and its an effective one - post a video let it go viral - I mean why not? it show's off their work and is major free publicity.

The footage was filmed near the BBC Radio 1 building in Great Portland Street, and shows specks of white light flying at high altitude over the capital.

The footage is believed to have been shot from inside the offices of a visual effects company called The Mill. The firm creates special effects for the film industry. enough said - Period!
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Anonymous said...

Words, words, words.... where is the PROOF that it's fake? You can't just decide one way or the other because someone else 'writes' or 'says' that it's fake or real......... until you have PROOF. Convenient story but I'm sitting here just reading words off a screen - wouldn't stand up in a court of law - get my point??

Anonymous said...

Ha!...There is something here I don't get!
You say here,that realUfos is simply about that,"NOT" RealCGI's!
but then you go on to say, you've seen this strategy used before and its an effective one - and you mean, why not?.."WHY NOT?"...Who's side are you on? because when we look at video's, such as the one in Great Portland Street,and that one was, "realy clear" we would like to think that its the real thing,...not a CGI! anyone doing ufo.CGI's is a large cause, for "DOUBT" BIG TIME!!...WHY SUPPORT THEM? when their effort leads to the doubt of the real thing,..that is, if any videos we are all looking at,..are real at all!?..particularly, if they get past you!:/.........?

SirJoey said...
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SirJoey said...

Well said, Matt! Keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

i honestly would rather see this than some of the other videos you post up...

Anonymous said...

If you are so sure why "?" in blog post :p

Anonymous said...

it was clearly a fake. next time you watch a ufo video, think deep down inside whether it fits in that 10% region of videos that are possibly authentic.

Anonymous said...

You know,I have no problems with "computer generated images"so long as its in the right place,but when its associated with ufo.then thats were the fat hits the fan. Its like admiring a REAL diamond, just to find out its made of glass!!..the real thing is, what holds the sparkle of interest!
because it IS genuine,and reflects
the reality,of its souce..we hope!?

Anonymous said...

the one UFO FADES into the Building, bad animation work at the finishline

Anonymous said...

Yeah OK!...point is taken,but I'm
thinking that we are talking about two different videos in the same place.The one I was referring to
was definitely taken from the footpath in Great Portland Street london.Where it shows a larger white "disk shape" coming & going from a cloud,turning over & around
then disappearing back behind the cloud,with other smaller ufo shooting across from left to right behind the same cloud,and this video was veryvery clear,but no mater! the big question is,either video real to its shot??
It comes as a shock to consider that they maybe looked so clear! & so real!

Anonymous said...

There's similar footage from Woodside California from the Mufon files from June 23, 2011. Occurred on June 23 and report submitted on June 23rd. This doesn't look fake.:

Case Number: 29696
Log Number: US-06242011-0005
Submitted Date: 2011-06-24 02:35 GMT
Event Date: 2011-06-23 11:30 GMT
Status: Assigned
City: Woodside
Region: California
Country: US
Longitude: -122.2538557
Latitude: 37.4299388
Shape: Circle,Flash
Vallee Index: FB1
Description: I am a delivery driver in the Bay Area. After completing a deliver in Woodside, CA I was headed towards Redwood City, CA. I was on Woodside Road in the direction of Central Ave. when I saw a cluster of silver or blackish sphere/circular objects. It reminded me of the cluster UFO videos you find online, but these were dark. I immediately said "Holy ****" out loud in the van. I pulled into the parking lot of Karakade Thai Cuisine in the Woodside Road/Central Ave. area. All though there were plenty of people around, including people talking in the driveway nobody looked up to notice. I had my camera phone out and all. These objects were hovering in formation for several minutes. At first, they were headed towards me (South-ish, not exactly sure on the coordination) but when I parked they were headed back north where they were coming from (from SF, Redwood City area) and upward. I thought for a minute that maybe they were a group of balloons, but that quickly changed. As I watched and tried to record one of the balls came down semi-low. It was the strangest looking thing. It kept reflecting light from the sun but it looked red-ish in color but also looked like a sheet flapping in the air but in a ball. It was a solid object but it looked like it had waves in it. Does that make sense? It was visibly not a balloon. Once again, all of these objects stayed in standard formations. Triangle, Orion's belt-like, etc. If they were balloons, would there be this many? There were over 10-20 of them at first. The reflections on them were intense at times. While filming, many of them disappeared over time. The final three were lined up in an "Orion's belt" shape across the sky. They never strayed away from each other all though they were very distant a part. You could tell they were connected somehow. These objects I could no longer see the object, they were now just white lights. As the white lights hovered and looked star like, they just got higher and higher into the atmosphere until I could not see them. When reviewing my videos/photos only ONE of the out of 20 objects showed up on one photo. NONE of them showed up on video. Even while filming I noticed they would not appear on camera. Here's the interesting thing... while reviewing my videos I noticed white balls fly across the sky at very high speeds. The video I uploaded consists of two videos combined. This video is at 0.25x speed. Which means it is much slower than the original footage. I have the original footage available upon MUFON's request. The photo uploaded has one UFO in the bottom center. You can zoom in to see it.


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