Monday, June 27, 2011

Crop circle at honeystreet Alton Barnes wiltshire 26.06.2011

New crop circle Alton Barnes wiltshire.
Many people have asked me not to post crop circles anymore because most believe the modern new ones are clever fakes, more complex designed achieved by people using GPS.
Would like your opinions and thoughts on if i can keep posting.
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Anonymous said...

Crop Circles are as "fake" as UFOs.. I say keep posting them.

Anonymous said...

I think those who believe these are done by humans with gps are wacked. Certainly many have been done by people, some have admitted it, we know their process. But often these complex patterns show up so quickly, thats its more unbelievable that humans did them, in the dark, undetected. This is your site, you made it great, do what you think is cool and UFO related.

Anonymous said...

I believe that images of crop circles should be presented only if they are verified as being genuine unexplained formations by expert examination.
For example, in genuine formations plant anatomy has characteristic deformities.

SirJoey said...

Personally, I like seeing them. Sure, some are fakes, but some are real, too, at least in my humble opinion. :)

Anonymous said...

yea i like them , some are quite pretty

Anonymous said...

Post them if you want to. You're the only one who can make that decision. Fakes - Do they mean these are CG or do they mean they were manmade? I still believe the really spectacular, huge ones can't be, there's just no way you can do that stuff with boards and simple garbage like that, particularly without ever getting caught or even leaving evidence. And wheat mutations? Neural anomalies? Weird noises and lights? Faking all that would require something less believable than UFO's!

Anonymous said...

Are not Crop Circles part of ufology?
if you give up on one,you might as well give up on the other as well!?
if its not GPS;its CGI.or something else,its all out there
folks!The trouble is,..its all in here too!? whats it to be?

A skeptic of the truth! OR a believer of rubbish!..and if that doesn't confuse you,..your not alone:)/

Bathtub said...

I believe all crop circles are terrestrial in origin and can be rationally explained. The more elaborate they are, the more likely they are to be fakes - though I prefer to think of them as landscape art.

Anonymous said...

"I believe all crop circles are terrestrial in origin and can be rationally explained. The more elaborate they are, the more likely they are to be fakes - though I prefer to think of them as landscape art."

Exactly... Some of the most intense, 'out there' circles have been proven to be man-made. Some of those even demonstrated! Yes, you can build a complex, mathematical design with a board and rope and some knowledge of dimensions and angles.

Anonymous said...

the ones that can be verified as genuine are absolutely worth posting.

the crop circle phenomenon is very intriguing and has been linked to UFO sightings.

just as there is fake UFO material out there you will always have a certain amount of fake circles as well. That shouldn't mean that the entire topic should be dismissed as a hoax.

CropCircleQueen said...

I sent this to my 6,000 person mailing list: "Here's a go-to place that posts updates about the circles. It's the beginning of the season now, and here's your spot to keep up with the daily occurrences." Sooooo, please do keep posting.

Can't know right away for sure what's "real." Hoaxers have been so nasty lately that they've created wholesale disbelief, but still lots of mystery with the phenomenon.

Suzanne Taylor
"What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery"
(Remove before posting but would be happy to send you a DVD -- give me snail mail: [email protected].)

Randall said...

All the evidence regarding the crop formation phenomena can be found in the documentary Crop Circle - Crossover From Another Dimension This documentary proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that its impossible for people to create crop circles with the precision they're being created with.

One outstanding piece of evidence in this documentary illustrates a formation resembling something that looks like a data disc. It was analyzed by an IT Programmer who figured out that in fact the formation contained a message. That message was this

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.

Keep posting the crop circle phenomena because it needs a serious world wide investigation.

Randall said...

The documentary I mentioned in my comment can be found on you tube.

Here is part1.

Can you push your blog about crop circles back to the top with this documentary embedded?

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