Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Discovery Curiosity - Alien Invasion Are We Ready? interview with Dr Michio Kaku

Below is an interview with physicist Dr Michio Kaku on Discovery’s new program Curiosity: Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?
To be honest im not sure what benefit a hypothetical show is on considering what will happen if we are invaded by aliens, is only generates more fear.
Surely if an advanced race has already visited us, wouldn't they have destroyed us hundreds of years ago - why just now?
Global attack

Attacking ET craft:
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Anonymous said...

This seems like of the fear campaign about an "alien threat" that Werner von Braun told Dr. Carol Rosin.

Randall said...

Sweet! Michelle Rodriguez, HELL YEAH!!! She's looking HAWT!!

As for the show, not sparking much of an interest for me. Seems like it's packed full of the same old politically correct scientific ideology.

It's becoming very tiresome waiting for the truth. Why can't NASA just release all the evidence they have and tell us the truth?

Anonymous said...

Its up to US TO MAKE THEM hand over the evidence

Anonymous said...

This site is becoming the tool for preparing the people of the 'alien invasion' - be afraid of the aliens people, brrrrr... Just like Werner von Braun said (agree with the post above).

Vijaykumar said...

you ask why now fear campaign . Probably the reason given on some of ufo disclosure sites. Alien wants to use our dna for some special purpose like extended life span, able cop with this planet atmosphere etc, Now they are able to achieved that target , wants us to be gone from this planet & take this planet for themselves. God knows whether is true or not. See more details on

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