Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Readers Ufo Sightings July 2011

A few interesting personal sightings sent in by readers for July 2011.
If you would spot a Ufo you are welcome to submit your report using the "submit" button above.

July 4th 2011, 5.30am. Very clear, larger than a helicopter, over a town called Drogheda, in Ireland. Large black metal ball with rotating black balls beneath, made no sound. moved slowly over town for 3-4minutes. Thought it was balloons at first tied together but it definitely was not a I watched it further, it was a definite shape and made no sound.

Manizales Colombia. Two night ago I woke around 11.30 to what sounded like a very large and low aircraft, too large for the small airport in the city. After about 30 seconds I got up to look out my 10th story window and could see nothing, but the sound continued for several minutes. Upon class the next day almost all of my studnets claimed to have heard the same thing, and students in other class, from all parts of the city, over 10 miles apart from each other.

On 25/07/2011 I have observed and filmed bright lights (UFO) in Wiltshire UK for nearly 3 hours

Buesum, Germany 28.07.2011
Last evening at approx.between 21.45 and 22.00 hours a large orange light suddenly appeared in the sky to the south, or slightly south-east. I was watching TV but at the same time had no hindrance to see from the window, and on seeing the light reached for the binoculars. First reactions were that it was a helicopter coming my way, however, I cannot recall ever seeing a helicopter with orange spotlights.Without further ado I was out on the balcony and then witnessed something I found intriguing. The light was still coming in my direction, with no sounds of engines to be heard, and then seemed to stop and remained there in one position before becoming very erratic in its movements. It veered to the left and the large orange light was at the left and I could make out the object must be rectangle in shape by the way I could see strips of orange lights all around the edge. This only lasted a matter of seconds before it then straightened up and moved away in a southerly direction and vanished beyond the tree tops.Throughout the whole duration of time I observed the light my wife attempted to take photos, but just as the last occasion nothing showed on the camera, even though this thing was right before my eyes.
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Anonymous said...

Just to add to the one from Manizales, I posted it, but for the next few days afterwards there were many helicopters flying through the mountains around the city.

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