Monday, August 22, 2011

Ufo over Rome Itay 20th August .2011

A large unknown craft is sighted hovering over Rome, Italy. Recorded on the 20th August 2011 . If any reader lives in Rome and can give further information on this ufo sighting please respond to this post.
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Randall said...

I think we should start a "How to film anomalies related to U.F.O.s" and teach people how to STOP MESSING WITH THE CAMERA SETTINGS!

Anonymous said...

could be the P-791 Airship

Anonymous said...

What is the glowing red light/lights that appears at the right hand side!

Daikirai said...

Video is gone.. so it was the real deal? ;)

Anonymous said...

Video is gone,yep! Mmmm..the real deal!? might have something there,seems strange,yeah!?:/

Hieronymus Braintree said...

Lessee...we supposedly have a huge UFO over Rome, a city of approximately 2.7 million residents, some of whom keep trying to lure me into a particular strip club despite repeated and outrightly rude insistence that I'm not interested. (FYI, best gelato and pizza just north of the Piazza Navona). One might think that there would be news stories or maybe a few hundred or even thousand witnesses like Phoenix. But, no. All we have is some really boring video that's putting me to sleep.

Where did it go? Why did the person stop filming?

And why do these bastards only show up at night? Can't they fly a daylight disk or triangle or cigar-shaped object during the daytime? What is it with these mecurial buggers, anyhow?

I want my smoking gun.

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