Thursday, August 25, 2011

UFO Sighting Over Laredo, Texas - August 23, 2011

Ufo news report in from Laredo Texas:
If you are a resident in the are we would like to hear from you about this report.

"Dozens of Laredo residents woke up to see a bright light in the sky that some say they just cannot explain.
Many people are now saying what they saw was a UFO in the sky over south Laredo before four this morning. But not everyone believes it. Annette Garcia has more. Caught on camera.
The light that seems like an ordinary star shone brightly over Laredo around four Tuesday morning.
Its the second night in a row its been spotted.
Witnesses took to the Pro 8 News facebook page posting details of what they saw.
One person said the light seemed to stay in one spot.
Another said he and his wife saw it between two and four a.m.
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Randall said...

Why didn't the reporters say anything about the plane or helicopter that was flying by just below the object in discussion?

It may have been investigating. If it is visitors from another world I hope they came to Laredo to help clean up the mess the drug cartels are causing.

Anonymous said...

maybe the new Lockheed airship?

Anonymous said...

What!?.....with the floating
arrrrrse!!! I wouldn't lockhead's with that one!:)

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