Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UFO's over Chicago

Ufo video in from Chicago. If anyone else spotted this sighting please respond to this post.
They may be flares but i am not sure - would like your feedback on this new report:

Posters comments:
I was running around with some kids way smaller than me playing tackle handball. Needless to say i beat them all. While we were playing we saw these 3 lights floating. I recorded it on my blackberry but the video sucked. In actual life the lights lookes like 3 meteors following each other. They each had a ball of fire as a head and a tail right behind it. These are not fireworks cus they just keep floating around instead of just blowing up. I started recording pretty late but at first they kep appearing and dssapearing . all i cought was them dissapearing at the end
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Machobunny said...

This could be another hang-glider episode. People do fly hang-gliders, and do sky dive at night. Why they might toss out objects that make flash-like explosions in the air is anyone's guess, but I bet if you contact a few local sky divers, you'll find that to be the explanation. I don't think these guys are out to hoax anyone ---they just create things we don't expect to see and cant explain.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else shocked with the language used in this video, especially in the presence of children?

Anonymous said...

To No2. Comment:

Yes! I agree with you, APPALLING!!
I find it amazing how a video is
allowed through, for us to cringe
over,but don't use the four letter word, when writing a Comment,for others to cringe over!?

Talk about double standards!?

Yes! especially in the presence of children!!..irresponsible & uncaring!!..it just teaches them that;..thats ok to talk that way.

God dam it!..its NOW in the Dictionary!?.......Sorry!?:/ but thats another story.......:)

aa said...

ufo not exist.
They are born in our mind

Anonymous said...

Stick around aa!
lot more to learn,..TRULY!?
A LOT MORE........

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