Wednesday, October 26, 2011

UFO over Yuma Arizona 23 October 2011

Ufo filmed over Yuma Arizona 23.10.2011
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Nick DK said...

Video above : Thai guys films a UFO and shuts the hell up while doing soo, because he has nothing clever 2 say.

This video : couple of Americans films/see a UFO and has absolutly nothing clever 2 say, but dos it anyway, so the can share there stupidity with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick...
This is the reaction when one sees a ufo for the first time.
Cut them some slack.

At least they're not screaming: "Feel the love!!, look they're blinking at us! they love us"! and all that nonsense.

zipdingpow said...

Seriously, Nick? All we serious ufo hunters ever ask for are ufo videos with some evidence of legitimacy. I appreciate the normal, reasonable, un-staged reactions of these people!

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