Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ufos or lanterns? POMONA, CA MONTCLAIR, CA area 10/26/2011

Multiple emails in from readers about this one Spotted over Pomona California.
Posters comments:
I would like your take on the sighting, some readers think they are chinese lanterns, others not so sure:
On Wednesday 10/26/11 around 8pm. between the City of Pomona, CA and Claremont, CA, approximately 10 or more bright orange lights traveled in the dark sky. They seemed to move straight following each other and then eventually began moving upward higher into the skyy until they dissappeared. They were visible for a good 5 or 7 minutes from the moment we saw them. Not sure what they were but very well could have been UFOs.

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John D said...

I am going to have to go with lanterns on this one. When the video zooms in, you can clearly see the telltale white/yellow fading to orange that is the hallmark of a Chinese lantern. Though, if I was building a UFO or probe and wanted to camouflage it, I would make sure it looked and moved like a lantern...

Spacecase said...

anedilThere was no way in h... those were lanterns! I saw them and knew exactly what it was! Ever hear of the lights of phoenix? Those couldn't possibly have been man made. If you had seen them with your own eyes you would have known. I am happy I was able to see them.

Spacecase said...

They are most definitly not lanterns. You would have had to been there seeing them with your own two eyes. They were clearly not of this earth. If man made, why has man been hiding this technology all this time? And then decide to show it off over Pomona, Clairmont, Montclair? That makes no sence. Those were not from this earth.

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