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Your Ufo sightings October 2011

A few reports from the numerous Ufo sightings reports we receive daily.
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San Antonio Texas 10/23/11
On 10/23/11 we saw UFO approximately 200pm , as we were heading south on i35. My husband noticed a shiny metallic object to the west of us. He thought it was a plane at first, so then he told me to look and as I looked, I didn't see anything. I kept looking to sky, then it appeared . As I tried to keep my eyes on it would disappear then reappear again. We told our 16 year old daughter to try too look from the back seat ,she looked out the window and saw the same thing .

Jersey City NJ
I am nearly certain that I have recently witnessed a Real UFO in the vicinity of Jersey City, NJ. It didn't look like a "flying saucer" really, it looked more like a compact airplane with very small wings. I could swear I saw exhaust from the rear of the Aircraft. It moved around in a sort of back-and-forth way that a natural object or airplane would not. It also made a kind of whistling sound. What should I do about this? I contacted the local police but, not surprisingly, they were dismissive. Should I be worried?

Nebraska October 2011
I live in OMaha, Nebraska. Last night around 10 pm i noticed 3 different crafts flying in the sky. 1 was stationary for most of the time, where as the other two were flying to different areas of the sky, but never out of view. On two seperate occassions i watched these things go right over my head. They were identical to the triangle ufos I have seen on tv many of times and it made no nose as it passed. The only time i could notice the three lights that formed the triangle was when it was directly overhead. Otherwise, it looked kind of like a plane from the side. I decided I was going to take a drive and see if i saw something else. WHen the clock on my dash read 11:11 (it was actually 10:11) i was driving south on 168th street and saw two massive lights in the sky. they were so bright i dismissed them as just a street light, but it was not. This thing was a massive craft that made no noice and seemed to be flying very close. it looked like it had 2 bulbs that were connected by a very thin cable. kinda like 0====0. The craft had a geen and blue glow that was alternating from one bulb to the other. it took literally 4 seconds to go from the west side of the sky to the east. What i saw was a UFO, no doubt in my mind. Ive never been a real ufo believer untill now. they're out there, and theyre'[ comin.

This happened in the early 70's. I was driving with my mother on a deserted county road in eastern Colorado. Suddenly a rectangular craft came down and you could see three beings through portholes. They waved and it flew away. I have not seen many reports with a rectangular craft. It also made no noise even though it was almost as large as a house..

Redding California

I also realized that the object was heading due south: l live on the Sacramento River in west Redding and due east of me is a very futuristic looking and unusual modern bridge that crosses the river exactly where this object began to turn and slow a bit before it snapped back to a southern made me think that it was turning to view the bridge possibly out of curiousity? just an assumption but possible. If you look it up you could see why.... (Redding Calfornia Sundial Bridge?

All I know is that this was so much more than all the balls of light in pitch dark that are filmed...this was so real and moved with such calculation that if I had caught it on film my life would become very hectic.

Many years ago right after the bridge was built an object about the size of a pitch black car with two decks of rotating long spikes was seen just above the river and bridge by clients of mine that just happened to be outside hanging real estate flags....they had a phone camera but were so mesmerized that couldn't move. It was broad daylight and the craft was hovering over the power line for approx. 3 minutes.

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