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Reader October Ufo Sightings

Just some of the numerous ufo reports sent in by readers using the 'submit Ufo report' button above:

If you have a ufo report, news,video link please send it using the submit link above and i will review it within 24 hours or less.

On Oct. 22 around 9:30 p.m. my Mother and I was out for a evening walk and saw 15-20 lights in the sky. They were entirely to close together be a plane or helicopter. Some were in a bunch and 3 formed a triangle shape. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. As we watched the lights simply faded out. This is something I never gave much thought to and the fact that I saw it really rather disturbing to me.'

Herrin/Marion, IL area.

Silver object flying at high speed from NE to SW direction about 3:33pm in Herrin/Marion, IL area. Left no trail behind it...suddenly stopped then started to zigzag. Anyone else notice?

Baton Rouge
So after seeing the videos of the UFOs in Baton Rouge on the 26th, I wanted to see if they'd be back last night. One of the comments said they had been repeatedly showing up since last week. Sure enough, as soon as I got to the levee, I could see a craft in the distance across the river. It was about 8-15 miles away (if I had to guess) but it was extremely bright, despite how cloudy it was. I didn't have a tripod so please forgive the shaking. The craft remained stationary, with a central light oscillating colors, with other blinking lights around it. Then, out of nowhere, it just vanished. I hung around a little longer, and then spotted another craft behind me. It was hovering in the distance and could be seen above the buildings downtown. As I drove home, I kept my eye on it and continued filming once I was able to hop on my bike. Not sure what they were, but the second craft was as bright as Jupiter and was visible for over 1 1/2 hours. If anything else pops up, I'll be ready! Video

While working in the oilfield loading a load of crude oil for shipment to pipeline a series of unusual events culminated in the flyover of a large oddly shaped craft.It came in like a huge smoking meteor.I thought i had a front row seat to the end of the world.It took a full 2 seconds to pass over.After it did it changed direction and flipped from a verticle position to a horizontal one.I could see the lights and structure on the surface.I grabbed my cell phone and struggled to find it in the view finder but could not.I pointed the camera lense at it and managed to catch a glimpse of it.when you look at it in the zoomed in frame ny frame view you can see that it is an amazing video.It catches the ship changeing position as well as a good look at the power plant and surface structure of the craft.I had multiplr sighting before the arrival of the craft along with a flyover of 2 f-16,s running what looked like a clearing pattern.I have a friend that said the military were running routine excercises in the area.I saw the jets come in and circle and leave 20 minutes before the arrival of the big ship.The pictures have been examined by mufon and shown to the military and to this day remain unexplianed. video

Me and my friends were standing outside. It's Diwali today so everyone was burning crackers, lot of sky shots and all. Suddenly a friend pointed to the sky and a very bright object was moving across the sky. At first we thought it's some cracker but it kept moving. I didn't look like an aeroplane, was way too bright. Then again after 5 mins it crossed the sky. We rushed to the terrace and we could see it in a distant corner of the sky. And while we're looking at it, we see that there's another one nearby. They were moving in the sky but were very far off from us. Then they disappeared. And just as we were leaving suddenly it popped up again and this time very bright and nearby. It crossed the sky and then got dimmer and dimmer and vanished again. Again after 10 minutes it came back. But this time from behind and again crossed the whole sky. And I haven't seen anything like it. It was so different. I have a lot of photos and even videos too. I kindly request you to take a look and confirm whether this could be a possible UFO sighting. I've written a blog about the event

Back in 1962 several of my friends and I were riding bikes near the old school. The object came over the school and us with no sound what so ever, It had red lights on it and was bigger than the whole grammer school. We flooowed it for a while but were neve able to get to the front of the object. the item was traveling se at a very slow pace. It was so large we couldnt ride our bikes fast enough to get ahead of it. and then it was gone, no sound just gone...Several years later a friend of mine and i were riding in his car. as we pulled in to a parking lot to turn around we noticed in the northern shy two objects circling each other. as this was nighttime we knew it couldnt be airplanes. after a few minutes they seperated and in a second they were gone...
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