Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Triangle Ufo over Sevastopol Ukraine ?

Ufo news - a new ufo video in from Sevastopol Ukraine.
Filmed on the 19th September this bunch of triangular lights is indeed puzzling.
Did any readers from Ukraine also see this, does anyone have further thoughts on what the lights were?

Posters comments (translated):
Saw redaktirvoano 3 videosemok UFO on September 19 in Sebastopol.
I looked out the window and realized that something had changed in the usual night gorode.I saw the lights of the houses in the distance.
Feeling strange, they were far above the possible light, or anything else.
After thinking. it's a helicopter, I gradually began to notice the static objects, and they glisten in different colors.
The camera was on hand and I shot, until the balls svetilis.Vot result of my filming.
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