Friday, April 20, 2012

UFO or debris ? new sighting over Houston Texas April 18, 2012

Numerous reports we have got from Texas over the last 2 days about a bright flashing. Im not sure it it relates to this footage which i assume is something breaking up in the atmosphere? Live in Texas and can tell us more? Please reply to this post.

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Flying balls of light....and something black falls from the sky! I have a snap shot of the black image at the end of the video! The Black object falls at 0:42/3:42
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Chris."Bonnie"Scotland. said...

Hey Rachel,you could fall from my Sky anytime,your a BABE!

Anonymous said...

i saw the very same thing quite low in the sky in Sussex uk AT 4.30A.M on Wed 18th April 2012

Anonymous said...

"UFO or debris?"...I think perhaps,
BOTH!!....There are in total, 3 objects! appears to be burning up,the other two move down & around.
The object, at the top left, at the start of the video, appears to be round!
Could this be an ORB, I wonder?
maybe not!

Blake. said...

I just seen one last night around 10 PM near Uvalde, Texas. I was going 117 S to Batesville and I noticed an orange and green light in the sky and was stationary.. I pointed it out to my friends and we assumed it must be a cell phone tower with lights at the top. Then all of a sudden a silent, bright flash of lightning occured and it was gone. I wouldn't make this up. No reason.

Sandy said...

I live south of Houston. Last night about 4 AM I heard pelting all around my house. I live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood (so it wasn't gun fire or rocks). I listened for rain or hail or wind. Nothing else. Just loud pelting 4 or 5 times all sides of the house within 5 seconds. This morning I checked outside windows, siding, etc. for damage or debris. Nothing. Strangest thing. I googled this morning to see if there were other reports of debris falling from the sky and found this site.

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