Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fighter jet incident over Bath & Bristol - Loud sonic booms heard

Extremely loud noises were heard near Bristol  the other day - did  anyone also hear the noises?
Two fighter jets screamed across the skies above Bath last night in an incident that was still raising questions this morning.
The Ministry of Defence and police said the supersonic aircraft were responding to what appeared to be an emergency call from a helicopter. Read more source

A loud bang heard in Bristol last night was caused by a sonic boom from a Typhoon fighter jet as it responded to an emergency, the MoD have said. The noise as the aircraft broke through the sound barrier just after 6pm, creating a high-energy shockwave, sparked a deluge of calls to emergency services.
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Patrik said...

B I R D S ! ! !

skahooch21 said...

OK, this makes twice in one week of sonic booms being over civilian areas, and before that was the F-18 crash. What is the military up to? A cover-up for these atmospheric phenomena perhaps?

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