Monday, June 11, 2012

New Crop Circle - Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire UK: 09/06/2012

New Crop Circles discovered on 9th June 2012,  over Woodborough Hill Wiltshire: Sadly This new Crop Circle at Woodborough Hill rep has already been cut out by the farmer. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

wow,this is the first time i have seen a repetitive crop cirle in one place!the message is so mind boggling........but it is a message of some sort.exciting!,but NOT manmade!

Anonymous said...

This is man-made all the way. Look at some crop circles from last year. Look how intricate they are, how the circles are perfect circles,straight lines are dead on precise and the stalks that are bent lay perfectly. The circles on this crop circle are terrible/uneven,lines are off and the bent over crops look like someones messed up air..Especially notice that they are duplicate designs if this were real each duplicate would look identical, down to the way the stalks lay. Every line on each would be identical,precise. This looks like it was made by pre-schoolers.

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