Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scientifically Tested ET Material From Roswell

In 1995 'an individual' who claimed to have pieces of debris from the crashed UFO at Roswell (1947) had contacted investigator Derrel Sims. After been thoroughly scientifically tested and closely examined the material was determined to be of extraterrestrial origin: Rate this posting:


Nemesis said...

With over 600 people interviewed and testimonies taken from many, and with documentation highlighted that has been found over decades of investigation that supports the evidence as given by the witnesses. The Roswell case would be accepted by any court of law as being of a factual nature.

Now we have the scientific analysis of parts recovered from the scene that escaped the attention of a very alert military which was charged at the time with cleaning the site, not once, as some have suggested did those assigned to clean the area do this task, but several times over a period of months, and with the sole purpose of retrieving even the most miniscule piece of craft that had evaded earlier searches.

That an extraterrestrial craft crashed in the New Mexico desert in late June 1947, the result of which became a military coverup, is now indisputable, and only those who refuse to accept the evidence which would be acceptable in a court of law, will still remain skeptics.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

...and then they did further testing and determined it was NOT extraterrestrial

Anonymous said...

This video is bullshit! Go here to learn the truth:

Nemesis said...

Funny how Dr. Vernon after carrying out his procedure came to the conclusion he did in 1997 only to later refute his own claim.

So what occurred that changed his mind I wonder?

How could a set procedure to find trace elements of a piece of metal differ so much between scientists that different findings have been found?

And I wouldn't write off this video as being evidence of Bullshit either, because even radio carbon methods of dating archeological artifacts can come up with different dates, even when the same artifact is tested by different scientists.

The Roswell incident does not rest or cave in on the finding of a piece of metal that seems to be able to get different results by individual scientists as the evidence accumulated so far speaks for itself!

Anonymous said...

In my book!!...if scientists can't agree, or can change their mind,
then the "system is FLAWED!!"

You are left with more doubt, than
before they started!

Its black & white!?...Either it is!
or it isn't!...but with all this
Scientific pussy-footing around, you can't help but wonder,if they really know what they're doing "OR"
did someone get to them!?........?

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