Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Report Just In - Orlando, Florida: 11/8/12

Similar reports have come in about a Triangle UFO seen over Orlando. If you have further footage please share, or if you saw these lights, please reply. We want to know the opinions of people who saw it and if if they think there could be a chance they were Lanterns or not? View in fullscreen:
Mufon report Orlando 11th August
I was driving down i4 headed toward the Disney area when I noticed several bright orange balls of light in the sky my first thought was that it was abnormaly low as I drove down the highway I pulled over on got out of my car and proceeded to take a video with My phone. The lights were a little bigger than a basketball and traveling seperatly in a triangle formation and others by themselves there were about 10 objEcts and so low that one of them stopped glowing and I could still see the silhouette of a dull silver round ball they in height were less than a football field aWay traveling east toward downtown Orlando I watched them for several minutes until they just kind of disappeared idk what they were and honestly I don't care or care to see them again but I felt the need to tell someone in hopes I'm not the only person to see this
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Jay said...

Myself and a coworker saw this in Saint Petesburg Fl. What every they were they were flying very low and right over top of us, 4 of them 3 where shaped like a boomerang and no noses,The one in the lead sounded somewhat like a plane an had a light like a landing light on a plane but just 1 and we could not see it only the light and the other 3 we could see very well, reminded me of a hang glider but no one was hanging from them from what we could see. They were flying so slow if they where a plain/plains whey would have fell.I'm sure they were not ultralights because we would have heard the prop and motor, they were that low and close to us. Not only being boomerang shape their were black in color. If they where alien ships they where being bold flying that slow and low. One other thing Mufon of Fl. should check with Clearwater airport ( in Florida ) because they where headed that way, had to pass over Clearwater airport if not landing there.

Anonymous said...

vertical filming facepalm.

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