Thursday, August 16, 2012

UFO Over Huntingdon, UK: 14/08/2012 10pm

This UFO video was filmed over Huntingdon in the UK this Tuesday 14/08/12
Poster says to listen to the "low base sounds at the start of the video. Turn up':

Posters comments: Don't have a clue what the hell this is. Defo no plane tho. It was just a massive white ball of light. And I've just noticed the strange low base sounds coming from it. When watching it with my headphone's on. At the start of the video. See four more going different ways in the sky. Puzzled is not the word. Maybe there is life out there. Or Maybe the air force have better planes and stuff then they let who know's. But the truth is out there somewhere. Please sub and like Comment. Because I don't know what this or what the sounds are you may have to turn it right up to hear the low base sound
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Anonymous said...

Yes seen it in Manchester last night, is it the space station? But that would not account for the noise.

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