Friday, August 17, 2012

UFO Video- Bright Orb Over Syktyvkar, Russia: 15/8/2012

UFO Video! This bright Orb was seein over Syktyvkar Russia 15/8/2012 Posters comments: Before this number up to 3 pieces 11 flew, but remove the lift normally. At this time came out to the balcony. look again flies again in the same place. Particularly impressed by the disappearance at the end of filming. P.S. on the camera was set to manual long distance shooting (it's still with attempts at filming the 11st day) so far the focus is lost. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Comparisons with video below, is something going to happen soon?

Kris Peterson said...

I saw the exact same object. It was about 11:20 mst in Whitefish Montana.
The object was coming from the east and traveling in a north-eastern direction. It stayed in sight for about 25-30 seconds before quickly fading out. I'm an analytical person and tried to figure out what I could be seeing. It wasn't a meteor (too slow and no tail), not a satellite (too big), not an iridium flare (seen those before), not a plane (no noise and they don't fade out). It didn't fade out on horizon and no clouds in the sky. I'm perplexed. It was a true definition, in my opinion, of a UFO.

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